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Dear Editor,


My favorite hobby is playing bridge. I even compete in bridge tournaments across Louisiana, meeting thousands of other seniors from different cities, backgrounds and political ideology. While we all differ in many ways, we all rely on affordable, accessible healthcare to stay healthy and active. That is why I, and many of my fellow bridge players, utilize and support the Medicare Advantage program for our health care needs.

As a retiree, affordability is a priority for me, especially when it comes to healthcare. Through my Medicare Advantage plan, I not only receive primary care from doctors that I trust, but I also have access to integrated vision, hearing and dental insurance, all with low premiums and copays. Prescription medications prices are also capped. These are all important offerings that not only help me seek preventative care and stay active, but keep America’s seniors healthier in the long run, resulting in lower healthcare costs.

There are over 371,000 seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage in Louisiana and we want our members of Congress to understand how well Medicare Advantage works for us. I’m asking my members of Congress to stand up for Medicare Advantage this year, and in the years to come.



Quin Bates