Matching politics with values

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 6, 2021

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I’m a registered Republican and voted for Donald Trump. I didn’t vote for him because he was a Republican, but because I think he and Ronald Reagan were the two best presidents in my lifetime.

My decision was very easy as I compared the platforms of both parties. The Republican Party’s platform is far more consistent with the Bible and my values. I believe that the people elected to public office should promote what’s good for the country and be against all evil.

I’m pro-life and believe the unborn should be protected from the moment of conception, and I’m also against same-sex marriages and transgender equality.

Donald Trump was defeated, and I can handle that. My concern is his replacement, President Joe Biden. I believe that in a very short time many people who voted for him will realize that they made a mistake. He is considered by many a devout Catholic, but that’s questionable. He is the second Catholic elected to the presidential office. John Kennedy, for whom I voted, was the first.

A couple of weeks ago, a person who like me, loves politics and knew my position, sarcastically said, “Keller, your man, Trump, lost!”

Knowing he was a Democrat and that he voted for Joe Biden, I said, “You must be a Joe Biden Catholic.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you and he must not believe in the Bible or the teachings of the church.”

I’m amazed how the Catholic vote has remained evenly split over the past years between the two parties. President Biden, like President Obama, each received approximately 50% of the vote.

I guess that should make it easy to understand why Jesus had trouble with the religious people.


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