Finding Peace in God

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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One of the most beautiful experiences in life is to witness someone you’ve known all your life facing death with a peace that only God can give. Leda Mae Trosclair Steib was such a person.


I attended her funeral last Wednesday at St. Peter Church in Reserve. The family had no problem deciding what to do, because one day while her daughter, Kelly, was visiting her in the hospital, she asked her how she felt. She answered, “I know I’m dying” and proceeded to tell her exactly what she wanted.


She wanted a coffin like her late husband Joseph Leo Steib (Choc-o-let) had 20 years ago and requested to be laid out in the dress she wore for Gina’s wedding (her granddaughter) over 17 years ago. She also wanted to have Brent Torres sing at the Mass and Cheryl Entremont to do the eulogy.


Upon her return home from the hospital, she asked to see Father Marse, the pastor of St. Peter Church. During the visit, she shared that she was a little afraid to die. According to her, he assured her that this was normal, but that God would give her a peace and God did.


Having attended many funerals, Leda Mae was familiar with getting together with family and friends after the burial to share, not the death, but the life of the deceased. With that in mind, she told Kelly and her son, Rusty, that the menu should be as follows: Tuna fish sandwiches from Buddy B’s, meatballs and spaghetti, and definitely gumbo made by Marcelle Bailey.


I believe that Leda Mae finished strong. She focused on the joy God put before her and looked forward to the prize of heaven. By doing so, she was able to not only finish the race, but to finish it strong. What a testimony! I thank God for having known Leda Mae Trosclair Steib.


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