Children are at risk; Bikers answer the call to help

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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By Lynn McBride, CFSI for Missing Children

“Mr. Foreman, I can never thank you enough for helping to save my daughter.” Sharon requested Chuck Foreman’s help just three days prior to writing that. Her daughter had already been missing for seven months from Leakey, Texas. This was to become the first official case of the Center for Search & Investigations (Team CFSI).

Success was found. So was a need.

Mr. Foreman quickly realized the need was bigger than he alone could answer. A few years and several cases later, while working the Sharon West case in East Texas, Chuck learned that not all cases have a happy ending. Sharon was Found an Angel. Chuck would be found next to his motorcycle, under a tree near where she was located, writing a program others could use.

That same base program is used to this day on every CFSI case.

Years later, it is still effective.

Now with volunteers spanning the globe and 1,200 children Found Safe, CFSI is arguably the most successful missing child investigation program available to families. Their reputation for results has resulted in regular referrals and requests for help from Law Enforcement agencies across the country. No donations, no payroll salaries. Just the help of a community of concerned bikers united with other volunteers to make the world safer for our kids.

Why is this relevant to the biker community? Bikers are an integral part of the program. B.U.R.N. (Bikers Urban Response Needed) was formed to assist in searching for missing children including the distribution and collection of information during these incidents as well as to raise awareness of this growing epidemic.

B.U.R.N. is unique to the motorcycle community as it is a service organization, not a club. There are no dues or meetings. The only requirement for a biker to be a member of B.U.R.N. is that you are willing to give your time to help. When a child goes missing in your area, you will get real time information allowing you to hit the streets, going where others may not be able to, in efforts to locate that child. Many times, with poster in hand, stepping off of your bike in an area of interest, you will find that people will readily share information with you that they may not share with others. Many, many times we have found that a B.U.R.N. presence in an area results in very fast location of a child who is missing and endangered.

The mission is now global, uniting bikers and other community members like no other cause. Are you willing to help? The word is made better only by the commitment of individuals like yourself to do their part. If your child were missing, you would want others to lend a hand, wouldn’t you? If you are willing to answer the call, sign up and find out more at