SJSO gives update on property tax issues

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 6, 2021

LAPLACE — Corelogic Tax Services is a third-party tax service company that collects tax payments from mortgage companies. Corelogic then sends one wire payment and an electronic file of all mortgage payments collected to the property tax department at the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Said electronic file allows the property tax department to post these mortgage company payments to the correct tax parcel/property. This process has been done for the past seven years and is done in numerous parishes in the state. This process typically has no issues and is done very quickly.

Unfortunately, this year the electronic file format sent to the St. John Sheriff’s Office by Corelogic had errors in it. The Sheriff’s Office has been in contact with Corelogic, and they are working on getting the electronic file’s format corrected so that the property tax department may correctly post these payments. The payment sent by Corelogic for 2020 tax payments encompasses 55 different mortgage companies and 5,231 tax parcels/properties.

If your escrowed tax payment is part of the 5,231 tax parcels being paid by Corelogic, it will be posted as soon as the corrected file is sent to the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office. There will be no interest or penalties imposed on any of these parcels.

SJSO apologizes for the inconvenience this issue has caused. Please see the following list of the affected 55 mortgage companies:

Standard  Mortgage, Freedom  Mortgage, Provident Funding, Weststar   Mortgage  Corp.,  Roundpoint Mortgage, Reverse Mortgage   Solutions Inc., Towne  Mortgage    Dba Americu   Mortgage, SN Servicing  Corp, Sun West Mortgage, Community Loan Servicing LLC, Home   Point  Financial  Corporation, Quicken Loans, Specialized   Loan Servicing, Gateway Mortgage, Shellpoint Mortgage  Services, Kondaur Capital  Corp, Selene Finance LP, Suntrust  Bank, Caliber  Home Loans, Rushmore   Loan Management   Services, The Money Source Inc., Bancorpsouth, Bank Of  America Msp Eagle1, Bsi   Financial  Services, Pentagon   Federal Credit  Union, Servicemac LLC, Carrington Mortgage   Services LLC, Mid America Mortgage Inc, Arvest Central Mortgage   Company, Nationstar Mtg   LLC  Dba Mr. Cooper, Planet Home Lending, Central Loan Administration, Citizens, Pennymac, Flagstar Bank, Loancare Llc, Dovenmuehle Mortgage Inc ., Us  Bank Home   Mortgage, BB&T Mortgage, Us  Bank Home  Mortgage, Guild Mortgage   Company, Bok Mortgage, State  Financial  Network LLC, Chase, Pnc Mortgage, US  Bank Home   Mortgage /USAA, Regions Mortgage, M&T Bank, Midland  Mortgage, Navy Federal, USDA /Rural Development, Fifth  Third Bank, Chase and PHH Mortgage.