A zip code should not limit a child’s future

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 30, 2021

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U.S. Senator Dr. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) was among those who introduced a Senate resolution declaring this week as National School Choice Week.

“A zip code should not limit a child’s future. All children should have access to the best tools and resources they need to succeed,” said Dr. Cassidy. “We must give parents and students the power to make the best educational decisions that fit their needs.”

“Education is the closest thing to magic we have in America and is the most valuable gift we can pass down to our children,” said Senator Tim Scott. “Too often the education debate is centered on what we do here in Washington, instead of reflecting the conversations happening around dinner tables across the country. As the pandemic has shuttered schools and brought into sharp relief the challenges faced by working parents, it is clear we need to give families more options, not less. We need to empower parents and students to choose what’s right for their future and break every barrier to success because when our children succeed, America succeeds.”

In a time when COVID-19 has severely limited access to quality education for many, parents across the country continue to recognize the importance of school choice. According to a new survey released by the American Federation for Children, 72 percent of K-12 parents who work full-time support school choice.

“The education of our youth is a priority for all Hoosiers. Families should be allowed to choose the type of education that best suits their children’s needs. I’m proud to support National School Choice Week as we recognize and celebrate all kinds of learning opportunities for Hoosiers, especially during this pandemic,” said Senator Young.

“Every child deserves the opportunity to dream of a bright future regardless of their zip code or socioeconomic status,” said Senator Lankford. “Students should not be limited in their educational opportunity as they wait for improvement in their local school. I support the right of every parent and student to have open access to the best classrooms that meet their educational goals and I’m proud to sponsor the ‘National School Choice Week’ resolution to encourage that access. Families deserve to have the flexibility to decide what best meets the individual needs of their children.”

“The ability to choose the educational path best suited for an individual child has always been important, and it is increasingly relevant in the midst of an ongoing pandemic,” Senator Rubio said. “A zip code should not determine a child’s future. Parents should have as many options available to them as possible when they are deciding where to send their kids to school. I am proud to cosponsor this resolution that recognizes the profound significance of education options and the ability for parents to make the best choice for their family.”

“School choice means letting parents make decisions that put their children in the best position to succeed,” said Senator Cramer. “Our resolution applauds each part of the education system for their role in training the next generation and urges parents to explore the opportunities available to them.”

“I have long said that school choice is the civil rights issue of the 21st Century, because every child deserves an opportunity to receive an excellent education and achieve the American dream – regardless of race, ethnicity or zip code,” said Senator Cruz. “This School Choice Week could not be more timely, as a global pandemic forced millions of American students to finish their school year from home last year and left many kids falling behind. As this uncertain time continues, it highlights the fight for families across the country to have accessible, affordable options for their children’s education, a fight that I will continue to help lead in the Senate.”

“Students of all ages have felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Senator Burr. “As schools across the country have adapted their way of teaching over the past year, one thing has become more evident: parents understand what’s essential to their child’s success in the classroom. That’s why I’m pleased to join my colleagues on this important resolution that supports putting education in the hands of those who know our students best.”