National Blood Donor Month Celebration Highlights the Need for ongoing Blood Donation throughout the Year

Published 10:00 am Saturday, January 9, 2021

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New Orleans, LA – Blood transfusions are the most frequent procedure performed in hospitals with more than 33,000 daily donations required to meet patient needs in the U.S. To ensure blood is available when needed, communities worldwide rely on the commitment of altruistic blood donors who empower blood centers to continue serving their communities through the availability of a safe and robust blood supply.
The Blood Center and ADRP challenge all eligible individuals to commit to donate blood in 2021 with the goal of creating a robust supply that can meet patient needs.
“Donating blood is one of the easiest resolutions to keep in 2021” says Paul Adams, Public Relations Manager for The Blood Center. “In less than an hour, you’ll lose weight (one pint equals one pound) burn 600 calories, and since one donation can save up to three lives, you’ll also be helping out your community.”
“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented fluctuation in both supply and the need for blood. We thank all current and future blood and convalescent plasma donors for their commitment to saving lives and encourage those who have previously donated to reconnect with your local blood center as a handful of guidelines have changed such as travel restrictions, increasing the number of eligible donors,” said ADRP Executive Director Carla Peterson. “Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood which must always be immediately available on the shelf. Blood has a very short shelf life span and must be constantly replenished year-round to ensure availability for all patients.”
Find our blood center near you and pledge to donate by scheduling an appointment. ADRP and The Blood Center thank all individuals who pledge to make a difference.
TBC is screening for COVID-19 antibodies of all blood donations to identify potential convalescent plasma donors. Results are available within 3-5 days after donation. Call (800) 86-BLOOD or visit for locations and hours.
Due to COVID concerns:
• Blood centers across the country are taking extra measures to ensure both donors and staff are safe and healthy, including social distancing measures and increased infection control procedures.
• Eat a good meal before donating and visit the day of donation to begin the registration screening to accelerate the donation process.
• Donors need to wear a mask, be in good health, a 110 lbs. and 17 years of age (or 16 with a parent’s consent)
About The Blood Center and ADRP
The Blood Center is a non-profit community service organization dedicated to providing blood and blood components to patients throughout Southern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. For more information on blood donation, please call (800) 86-BLOOD or visit Find The Blood Center on social media at @TheBloodCenter.
**Please note that federal regulatory standards now require donors to present identification. Picture I.D. is preferred.
ADRP educates and empowers over 800 blood banking professionals worldwide who are committed to donor recruitment, donor experience and donor management by providing a forum for networking, professional development and resource sharing.