SJSO arrest report 12/30/20 to 01/03/21

Published 11:21 am Tuesday, January 5, 2021

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The Information Is Provided Pursuant To The Public Records Act. Nothing Contained Herein Is Intended To Imply Or Infer The Guilt Or Wrongdoing Of Any Person(s) Listed. This List Simply Reflects The Fact That These Individuals Have Been Arrested. All Persons Listed Are Assumed Innocent Unless Proven Guilty In A Court Of Law.


George M. Rounds      22
284 East 24th Street, Reserve
Possession Of Firearm/Carry Concealed Weapon By Convicted Felon (Felony)
Bench Warrant Contempt Of Court (Felony
Michael Johnson Jr.       48
22837 High Ridge Drive, Vacherie
Bench Warrant Contempt Of Court – (Felony)


Chad Rosaire Exell          30
110 Ellen Dr, Reserve
Fugitive Warrant For Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office
Vidal Cruz            24
129 Belle Grove Dr, LaPlace
Immigration & Customs Enforcement Detainer For Immigration And Naturalization Service
DWI – 1st Offense (BAC .08 To .15) (Misdemeanor)
Insurance Required
Driver Must Be Licensed
Driving On Roadway Laned For Traffic
False Certificates
Stephen Landon Weems Compton      42
1036 Lower Centreville Road, Centreville, MS
Aggravated Assault Upon Peace Officer With A Firearm (Felony) Eight Counts
Domestic Abuse Battery Involving Strangulation (Felony)

Raysean Connery Williams              22
113 Historic West Street, Garyville
Aggravated Battery (Felony)
Ashlie Nicholle Cockburn            28
2140 Gaudet Street, Paulina
Possession Of Alcoholic Beverages In Motor Vehicles
D.W.I. – 1st Offense (Bac .15 To .19) (Misdemeanor)
Steven Anthony Burns              55
2717 Yorktowne Drive, LaPlace
Enter/Remain After Being Forbidden – Immovable Structure
Disturbing The Peace – Appearing In An Intoxicated Condition (Misdemeanor)
James Lester Watson                  51
147 Cornland Drive, LaPlace
Attachment 2020-Cr-162 Contempt Of Court (Felony)
Attachment 2020-X-65002 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)
Jermaine Thaddeus Snyder              37
322 Northwest 3rd Street, Reserve
Possession Of Methamphetamine Less Than 28 Grams (Felony)
Attachment 2020-Cr-137 Contempt Of Court (Felony)
Resisting An Officer By Refusing Identity (Misdemeanor)
Possession Or Distribution Of Drug Paraphernalia 1st Offense (Misdemeanor)
No Driver’s License On Person
Male Juvenile      12
Resisting An Officer (Misdemeanor)
Juvenile Ungovernable
Anthony Jackson          57
157 Captain G. Bourgeois Street, LaPlace
Public Intimidation (Threats) (Felony)
Enter/Remain After Being Forbidden – Immovable Structure
Simple Battery (Misdemeanor)
Battery Of A Police Officer (Misdemeanor)
Disturbing The Peace – Offensive, Derisive, Annoying Words To Another (Misdemeanor)
Resisting An Officer (Misdemeanor)
Danielle Presley Willis                   25
159 East 15th Street, Reserve
Possession Or Distribution Of Drug Paraphernalia 1st Offense (Misdemeanor)
Simple Criminal Damage To Property – $1000-$50,000 (Felony)
Male Juvenile      17
Driving On Roadway Laned For Traffic
Underage Driving Under The Influence (Misdemeanor)
Driver Must Be Licensed
Lonnie D. Nabor Jr.              31
438 Northwest 3rd Street, Reserve
Attachment 2019-Tr-581326 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)
Bench Warrant 2020-Cr-241 Contempt Of Court (Felony)
Destin Nicholas Watkins                 23
2132 Oak Tree Drive, LaPlace
Headlights Required
Reckless Operation Of A Vehicle (Misdemeanor)
Flight From An Officer By Vehicle (Misdemeanor)