Innovative Approaches Counseling Center serves public as mental health becomes more important than ever

Published 11:23 am Wednesday, December 30, 2020

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Just a few months ago, the average American worked, went to school and did “entrepreneuring” to make a living throughout the week. So many lived by the acronym T.G.I. F (Thank God it’s Friday) and found solace in a variety of pleasurable activities during the weekend. Friday night dinners, going to the Cinema, dancing, shopping, weekend sports, Sunday Church and a family day at the park were all designed to relax and get our minds right for another productive work week ahead.

Then suddenly, our lifestyle was drastically replaced by shutting it down due to the threat of COVID-19. Since it began, logic, reason and common sense has been swept under a rug and most everyone now lives in a state of fear and confusion. Fear comes in many forms, but this is the fear of becoming sick and suffering a horrible death. Now some of our Nation’s people have developed a mental condition called “Thanatophobia,” which is an obsession with the constant fear of death. Also, a new found dilemma is finding someone to talk to, in order to gain some kind of comfort, but family members and friends most likely are feeling the same thing. Overcoming this unproductive misery may seem impossible, but there is no shame in reaching out to a professional counselor.

Innovation Approaches Counseling Center located in LaPlace has the answers needed to cope with this ordeal, as well as many other problems we face on a daily basis.

Nyaki Casey Brown and Candace Sorapuru are the owners of this facility and are here to help anyone dealing with the anxieties and difficulties that life lays out before us all. Both ladies are board approved and are “Licensed Clinical Social Workers” (LCSW) and for nearly eight years the Center has been open, helping many people get their lives in a productive order. The facility offers counseling services to couples, family, children, individuals, group therapy, workshops and supervised therapy.

They also counsel referrals from schools and work closely with the courts to offer an alternative to youths who are having behavioral issues while trying to avoid having them thrown into the juvenile justice system.

We all need a piece of mind in this life, and sometimes we need a little help to rediscover what already lies within us.

Innovative Approaches Counseling Center is located in LaPlace @ 3013 US-51 Suite B. Those in need can book a virtual appointment on line safely and discreetly. For more information, call 985-618-3558 or visit