The difference between happiness & joy

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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The best definition I’ve heard for unhappiness is not knowing what you want and killing yourself to get it.

I believe most people are unhappy and one of the reasons is not having found the purpose for their lives.

When conducting DWI classes for people guilty of Driving While Intoxicated, I often ask them the difference between being happy and being joyful and I’ve never gotten a good answer. I then explain that happiness is temporary. A good example of that is most of you go to a bar during Happy Hour to feel happy, only for a short time. Joy, on the other hand, is a lifestyle, knowing who is in charge of your life and, surprisingly, it’s not you. Regardless of the circumstances, you have confidence that God is in charge.

During the Christmas season, we will hear many songs and, especially, one which begins with the lyrics “Joy to the world! the Lord has come; Let earth receive her King.” JOY – a beautiful word that some Christians say is a reminder to put Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself third. The Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength. Without joy, you are a weak witness.

God’s Word also says it’s more blessed to give than to receive. In preparation for Christmas, let’s be blessed by blessing someone in need.

On December 25, we celebrate the ultimate gift that God gave us. He sent His Son, Jesus, to sacrifice His life that we might be saved. What an exciting time for someone to accept Jesus as their Savior!


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