St. John Parish Real Estate Transfers Nov. 2 – Nov. 20

Published 8:27 am Friday, December 11, 2020

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Colonial Drive, 2120, sale by Reginia Howell Pearce, wife of/ and Robert P. Pearce to Laverne Bradley Joseph, wife of/ and Ernest Joseph, $180,500.00.

Golfview Drive, 2129, sale by Lisa Miano Savoie and Donald L. Savoie, Jr. to Yariana Montilla Berroa Cubas, wife of/ and Charles W. Cubas, $176,000.00.

Esplanade Street, 640, sale by Vanessa Stokes Bowers to Brian Keith Gibson, Jr. and Leah Ashleigh Wilmor, $155,900.00.

Colonial Drive, 2176, sale by Patricia Weber Hymel to Terrian G. Gauff, $158,000.00.

Manchester Lane, 613, sale by Vianna Francina Estrella, wife of/ and Victor M. Estrella to Travis Smith, $150,000.00.

Oak Point Drive, 518, sale by Courtney M. Riley to Leslie Airhart Durnin and David Michael Durnin, $235,000.00.

Lee Drive, 1825, sale by Joseph R. Dupas to John William Lewis, $82,000.00.

Yorktowne Drive, 1717, sale by Hazel Rita Roussel to Gwendolyn Howard Brown and Jovania S. Keyes, $145,000.00.

English Colony Drive, 2928, sale by Wells One Investments, LLC to Dolores Brandle Lewis and Karon Lewis, $124,500.00.

Ory Drive, 561, sale by Landcraft, LLC to Elaina Monique King, wife of/ and Jarvis King, $201,214.00.

Acadia Drive, 1817, sale by Joseph W. Brown, Jr. and Liza Crook Brown to Kyle Demoine’ Anderson, $218,900.00.

Camelia Avenue, 717, sale by Raeonda L. Jasper Mason and Brandon Travis Mason to Derek Simoneaux, $180,000.00.

Greenwood Drive, 505, Donation by Jose A. Martinez (Donor) to Silvia Ramon (Donee} estimated value of property is $85,000.00.

Oakmont Drive, 143, sale by Frank Joseph Marchese, Jr. and Brenda Renee Fox Marchese to Donna Butler Bowie, $299,900.00.

Oak Tree Drive, 386, sale by Charles R. Wale, Ill and Robbie Cambre Wale to Norton H. Murphy, Jr. and Kushmala Singh Murphy, $240,000.00.

Corrine Court, 417, sale by Glorai Bourque Vincent to Luilet Gabriel Rodas, $150,000.00.

River Pointe Drive, 168, sale by Aaron G. Wiltz to Tony I. Lathers, Sr. $200,000.00.

Jennifer Lane, 108, sale by Deborah Sullivan Vaillancourt and Jerome J. Vaillancourt to Soundra Bloise Brett and Donald L. Brett, $380,000.00.



Chad B. Baker Street, 193, sale by Janice Sanders Stifelman to Justin Angelo Lopez and Elimira Duhe, $115,000.00.

Annex Drive, 363, sale by Christopher Paul Keller and Amanda Morales Keller to Charles H. LaRose, Jr., $240,000.00.

Northwest Second Street, 304, sale by Jerrold R. Williams to Tumblin Enerprise, LLC, $95,000.00.

Terrio Drive, 276, sale by Lawrence J. Volion and Dorothy Hunt Volion to Jamie LeBlanc, $122,000.00.

Tornado Alley, 118, sale by Troy T. McDuffie and Jamie M. Accomando Rodrigue to

Richard McDuffie and Rose McDuffie, $148,769.48.



Daffodil Street, 405, Donation by Steven Allen Walker, Melba Walker Garlington and Cinnamon Nicole Walker {Donor) to Theresa Jaume Walker (Donee)

Undisclosed Amount.



South Church Street, 281, sale by Deborah Martin Gremillion to Brent G. Roccaforte, husband of/ and Peggy Laborde Roccaforte, $115,000.00.



West Eighth Street, 311, sale by Bienville Alvin Jackson, Jr. to Geraldine Boudoin, $1,000.00.



Dufresne Drive, 205, sale by Moore New Homes, LLC to Demeir D. Gordon and Ormoni M. Favorite, $201,000.00.



Lot B12 of Sugar Lane Estates, Phase II, sale by Steven Mark Claret to Galen Williams, $22,500.00.

On the left bank of the Mississippi River, commencing 229 feet North of the second cross road from the Jefferson Highway, lower side of the J.C. Stout tract, South by Albertine Lee, North by Louis Dorris and West by Wilbert Chauff or assigns, sale by Sandra Doris Kelly, Joyce Doris Hall, Brenda Doris and Johnnie Doris to Ronald Dorris, $12,000.00.

A portion of lot No. 4, forming part of a portion of Hope Plantation and one lot bounded by property of Henry B. Beadle, Jr. and Carl J. Delery, sale by JLOB,LLC to Lester L. Boihem, Jr., $133,600.00.