L’OBSERVATEUR’s 2020 All-Parish Volleyball Team

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Coaches from each of the four St. John the Baptist Parish high schools nominated three girls who had a great impact on the recent volleyball season to join L’OBSERVATEUR’s 2020 All-Parish Volleyball Team. Coaches also shared what each of these talented young ladies contributed to the team.


West St. John High School – Coach Tahajenik Melancon



“This young lady is my team captain and my only senior. She brought to the team consistency and so much encouragement to her teammates. She always had a smile on her face and always made her teammates smile. Kyli, I appreciate you.”


“This young lady brings so much strength to the team. She always brings great energy to a player when they need it. Storm, I appreciate you.”


“This young lady brought so much energy and positive attitude to the team. She brought life to the team. I appreciate Jasmine for that.”

East St. John High School – Coach Trenell Smith Ambrose


“Anya’s leadership on and off the court is outstanding! Her ability to set the ball is out of this world! We’re looking for Anya to have an amazing senior year next year!”


“A’Jeya’s drive and determination are unmatched. Her love for the game makes her give 110 percent every single game. She will have an explosive senior year next year!”


“Leah displays all of the characteristics and qualities of a great

volleyball player! She gives her all in every practice and it shows in the games when it’s time to compete! She’s an amazing competitor! Leah will have an amazing senior year!”


St. Charles Catholic High School – Coach Tricia Lowry


“Our two middle hitters, Madison Hebert (junior) and Mya Brown (sophomore), were key to much of our success. Madison has a strong swing and has shown significant growth in two years. Mya has strong hands, which allows her to be a key blocker and gives her all in practice and games.”



“Antoinette “Toni” Chiarella (OH, senior) is a leader on the court and works hard to improve her game year round. Toni had hip surgery last season and returned late in the year; this year she was strong and ready to pick up where she left off.”



“Sarah Beth Sirmon, sophomore setter, led the team in service aces and worked with the hitters throughout the season to improve our team unity.”

Riverside Academy – Coach Brandi Melancon


“Camryn was our sophomore outside hitter. She was a big part of our defense and serve receive this year. She played all the way around for us. She has a really good ball control and a natural sense of reading. We look forward to more from her next year.”


“Alysa was our junior setter/right side hitter. Alysa was the heart of our team this year. She has so much hustle and love for the game. We ended up going with a 6-2 offense because we needed more offensive weapons. She did a great job stepping into that role as well.”


“Myracle Revon was our sophomore OH/MB. Myracle did a great job for us wherever we needed her this year. She played mostly outside for us. She can jump out the gym, is really athletic, and has great ball control. She has grown so much as a player. We look forward to more from her.”