Holiday shopping comes with risks – stay safe with these tips

Published 12:45 pm Friday, November 27, 2020

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While Black Friday and Cyber Monday might have some great deals, holiday shopping can come with risks. So Attorney General Jeff Landry is offering the following tips to help consumers shop safely online and in-person.

“I hope these tips help shoppers achieve maximum savings while keeping their personal information and hard-earned money secure,” said AG Landry. “I also encourage consumers to know the return policy and warranty information of your purchases and pass that along to gift recipients.”

Online Shopping

Shop with trustworthy sellers on secure sites only. Be wary of businesses with whom you are not familiar. Keep your antivirus software on your computer and mobile devices up to date. Doing so may help you to avoid non-secure websites and pop-up phishing scams. Watch out for phishing scams. Look out for unsolicited emails or texts with hyperlinks claiming you have a free gift waiting for you or a problem with your delivery.

In-Person Shopping

Be aware of your surroundings. Never leave your personal items or packages unattended and be alert when loading purchases into your vehicle. Keep your cool. Do not fight over items with other customers; even the best of deals is not worth an injury or criminal charges. Use a single credit card. Carrying cash can attract thieves; and if your purse or wallet is stolen, carrying a single credit card means only having to make one cancellation call.


For more consumer safety tips, call Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 800-351-4889.