Christmas pajamas in November

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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Okay. I admit it. I broke my own rule.

In my home, the Christmas season usually begins the night of Thanksgiving when I distribute pajamas to my family. I thought of changing things up a bit. I told my daughters I wasn’t going to buy for the adults and use the money on nicer pajamas for the grandkids.

“I wear my Christmas pajamas year-round!” Monique said. She does. Even during the day. And her husband Frank has been spotted wearing his while doing yard work.

“I wear mine, too!” Elise said. “I have every pair!” And while I doubt she has every pair, I admit she listed more than I remembered.

I bit the bullet, ripped off the bandage, or whatever expression is used to mean I quickly ordered pajamas for everyone and asked Monique to order some for the grandchildren before I changed my mind.

When the granddaughters’ pajamas arrived, Monique suggested I distribute them early.

“Oh, no,” I said. “Not until Thanksgiving night.”

“Well, Lauren, Elise, and I bought you a pair that matches your granddaughters. Feel how soft they are.”

And that is when I broke my own rule and began wearing Christmas pajamas in November.

And maybe that’s okay. But just because Christmas pajama season started early (for me and my grandchildren – my adult children still have to wait) in no way means I’m forgetting about Thanksgiving.

Many nights, before I go to bed, I write down three things for which I’m grateful. This Thanksgiving, which is also my Mom’s birthday, will be the culmination of a year’s worth of gratitude.

Since I broke one of my rules, I’m going to add another. I’m going to write in my Gratitude Journal every night.


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