Troopers Warn Public of Telephone Scam

Published 1:39 pm Wednesday, November 11, 2020

New Orleans – In recent days, Troopers have been made aware of a telephone scam being perpetrated by a caller operating under the guise of a Louisiana State Police Investigator.  The scam has targeted multiple people of various backgrounds in the Orleans and Jefferson Parish area. Troopers have initiated a joint investigation into the scam and would like to publicly call attention to this fraud and offer advice on how to detect the deception.


In most cases, the scammer has “spoofed” or deliberately sent false information to change the display and phone number on the caller ID to reflect Louisiana State Police Troop B [(504) 471-2775].  In some instances, the scammer would then advise the complainant they are under investigation for crimes such as prostitution or inform them that they have an outstanding warrant. The scammer then demands money or gift cards in lieu of arrest.


Troopers would like to impress upon the public, these phone calls are fictitious and in no way reflect Louisiana State Police practices or procedures.  Furthermore, the Louisiana State Police, does not solicit the collection of any fines associated with a criminal proceeding.  Telephone scams are and have become a wide spread issue in the United States and the best defense is to arm the public with education and ways to combat fraud.


  • Ask questions in order to verify the caller’s identity.
  • Do not give or verify personal information.
  • Ask for a callback number.
  • Independently verify and call the purported agency.
  • Ask to speak to a supervisor.
  • Spread the word to family and friends.
  • If it does not sound legitimate, most likely it is not.
  • Law enforcement will not call and demand money in lieu of prosecution.


If you or someone you know may have been victimized by this type of crime, The Louisiana State Police online reporting system is available to the public through a convenient and secure reporting form that is submitted to the appropriate investigators. Citizens can access the form by visiting the and click the “suspicious activity” link.


Contact Information:

TFC Monroe Dillon

Louisiana State Police

Public Affairs Section

Office: (504) 471-2780