Michel: Parents are a treasure, even during election season

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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I wanted to vote early this year; however, every time I passed the parish building, the long line of voters outside discouraged me. I decided to drive to Edgard and included my parents in my plans. My mom readily agreed but said my Dad would only vote on Election Day. I thought I’d change his mind.

“Dad, you are not going to want to stand in line on Election Day,” I said. “Let’s go to Edgard and vote early.”

“Yes, your mom and I will go with you,” he agreed.

On a beautiful fallish morning we set out for Edgard. Almost one minute into the drive, my mom said, “So what’s on the ballot?”

“What?! A lot! A lot is on the ballot!” I said. “National, state, local elections, amendments and a proposition!”

And for almost the entire drive, we discussed our voting options. Our conversation only digressed when my Dad said, “I’m not voting today.”

“What?!,” I said.

“I’ve always voted on Election Day,” he said. “I just wanted to take a ride to Edgard.” Nothing would change his mind.

There was no line to vote, and in the short amount of time it took, my dad talked to everyone he saw at the courthouse. Well, everyone except my son Geoffrey, an assistant district attorney who was in court.

“I want to see Geoffrey,” he said. He went into the courtroom long enough to view his grandson.

My parents readily agreed to lunch at Nobiles where we were excited to run into my cousin Tait Duhon. Then a kind waitress told me how lucky I am to still have my parents. It was a sweet reminder, but I truly am grateful for them every day.


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