Unclaimed property list

Published 10:00 am Thursday, October 22, 2020

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The names listed below have been reported to the Louisiana Department of the Treasury as being persons appearing to be the owners of unclaimed funds subject to the provisions of LSA-R.S. 9:151-182, Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. These funds have been presumed to be abandoned and taken into the protective custody of the Department of the Treasury. There is no deadline for claiming your money; however, you must provide proof of ownership before the funds will be released. A copy of photo identification will be required and other information that will positively identify the rightful owner may be needed. You may file a claim for this money and securely upload your documents online at www.latreasury.com. Information about the property and its return to the owner is available to a person having a legal or beneficial interest in the property by contacting the Unclaimed Property Division at 1-888-925-4127, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or by writing to State Treasurer John M. Schroder, Sr., Louisiana Department of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property Division, P.O. Box 91010, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9010. For more information about the Unclaimed Property Program, follow us on Facebook @LouisianaTreasury and on Twitter @LATreasury.

Acadiana Bottling 383 W 10Th Street Reserve

Accardo Joe 2150 Marion Dr La Place

Acosta Law Firm L 118 Dove St La Place

Acosta Law Firm Llc P.O. Box 2587 La Place

Acosta Tomy J 2810 W Airline Hwy Re: Walter Hansley Iii Laplace

Acosta Tomy J P.O. Box 1566 Laplace

Adams Chet 517 Foxwood Ln La Place

Adams Joywanne L 700 Gardenia St La Place

Aguero Jose Q 705 Bell Pointe Blvd La Place

Aimcor P.O. Box R Garyville

Airline Bar & Grill 1421 Airline Hwy Laplace

Alba Donald 2236 Pine Valley Dr La Place

Albert T Becnel Po Box 191 Reserve

Alexander Craig 19 Summerlin Dr La Place

Alexander Gwendolyn 318 E 14Th St Reserve

Alexis Frank 342 W 2Nd St Laplace

Allen Aldonia 1821 Acadia Dr La Place

Allen Loyd A 207 Bedford St La Place

Allen Lyndera 10 Kerney Ct Laplace

Amc 154 Melius Drive Reserve

Anderson King Jr Estate 202 Apricot St La Place

Anderson Leroy 122 Highway 628 La Place

Anderson Robert 572 Camelia Ave Laplace

Anderson Tharun 382 Fairway Drive Laplace

Andrus Eileen 1632 English Colony Drive La Place

Arlene Lillie Po Box 357 Reserve

Assoc Terminals-Globalplex 155 W 10Th St Reserve Reserve Reserve

August Ernestine T Pob 177 Edgard

August Felicia 999 Hwy 18 Edgard

Avalos Irene 1805 Verdun Dr La Place

B B Detailing Llc Po Box 2831 Reserve

Babin Jason 470 B Orange Loop Laplace

Babin Steven P 324 Camelia Ave La Place

Bailey Janel M 204 Castle Dr Po Box 422 Edgard

Bailey Robin 548-C Evangeline Ct La Place

Baker Dorothy 1831 Lee Dr Laplace

Ballam Ruth P O Box 673 Laplace

Baloney Geri B Po Box 117 Garyville

Banks Mary 1840 Cinclar Loop La Place

Barboza Jeronimo 123 Paula Drive La Place

Barnes Paula 1511 Natchez Ln La Place

Barrett David Dupont Pontchartrain 586 Highway 44 Laplace

Battiste Herman J 1605 Ridgefield Dr La Place

Bayou Steel Corporation Po Box 5000 La Place

Becnel Daniel 400 W 5Th Street La Place

Becnel Daniel 400 W 5Th Street La Place

Belgrave Shane 2701 Williamsburg Dr La Place

Bercegeay Blane J 130 Rhett Lane Montz

Bering Edward 545 Esplande St Laplace

Blank William 541 S Church St Garyville

Blank William H 154 S Church St Garyville

Blanks Gerald 101 Roosevelt St Reserve

Boucvalt Kathryn D 291 Edgewood Lane La Place

Boudoin Kirk P. O. Box 38 Edgard

Boudreaux Samuel 500 Plymouth Drive La Place

Bourgeois Elsie M 2517 Amy Dr La Place

Bourgeois Steven P 118 Augustin Ln La Place

Brady Greg 2065 Carmel Valley Dr La Place

Bread Girlz Llc 2412 Van Arpel Dr Laplace

Breaux Bruce 531 Janice Ln Laplace

Brignac Lewis J P O Box 622 Garyville

Broden Kresha Kyan 274 E 14Th St Reserve

Brown Harold L 412 Pob 412 Laplace

Brown Takisha 1400 Cambridge Dr La Place

Butler Billy 571 Gardenia Ave La Place

Butler Mary P. O. Box 220 Garyville

Caliber Youth Services Llc 1440 Yorktown Dr Laplace

Cambre Gregory 199 Central Ave Reserve

Cambre Lorraine D 199 Central Ave Reserve

Cambre Noah P O Box 2406 Reserve

Campbell Janie 1515 Grant St La Place

Campbell Tromone 1621 Yorktowne Dr La Place

Capps Stephen 331 Devon Rd La Place

Carbajal Raul 31 Oxford Drive Laplace

Carter Corey E 14 Ridgewood Dr La Place

Carter Ernest 118 Melius Drive Reserve

Caver Bryce N 718 Iberville St La Place

Champagne Cindy 282 Historic W St (Serv Add) P Garyville

Champagne Enola Po Box 284 Reserve

Chopin Barbara 8872 Sunnyside Dr #B La Place

Clark Virvin Po Box 103 Garyville

Clayton Iv Ernest Po Box 2144 Reserve

Clesi Michael J 256 Oak Point Dr La Place

Cole Janeette 65 Indigo Parkway La Place

Cole Ryan 1900 Longwood Ct La Place

Coleman Michael 113 Stout Garyville

Collins Nickyle 385 Nw 2Nd St # 385 Reserve

Complete Carpentry Services Llc 1966 Longwood Ct La Place

Cretin El 863 E Airline Hwy La Place

Cullen Laura G 110 Hwy 628 At Lewis St Laplace

Cupit J 1518 W Airline Hwy Laplace

Cureaux Diana Po Box 51 Garyville

Curtis Ginger 294 Doral Ln La Place

Cutno Cassandra J 501 Indigo Pkwy Apt 41 La Place

Da Costa Nelson Albino 112 West Loop La Place

Dannely Alexis 2297 Cypress Point Dr La Place

Dauzat Jared 603 Evangeline Rd Montz

Davis Adam J 16 Cane Dr La Place

Davis Arthur 423 E 26Th St Reserve

Defrancesch Fred 2810 W Airline Hwy Re: Jalisa Brown Laplace

Defrancesch Fred Po Box 1566 Laplace

Defrancesch Fred R Po Box 1566 Laplace

Delta Beverage Group Inc 383 W. 10Th St. Reserve

Diaz Sergio J 1749 E Frisco Dr La Place

Dolan Brandon 1516 Madewood Rd Montz

Donaldson Gloria 147 E 17Th St Reserve

Dorest Ammie L 148 E 30Th St Reserve

Douglas Ernest 1416 Camelan Ave Laplace

Duhe Jonathan J 532 Cedar St La Place

Duhe Leo 201 Rue Dubourg Apt 409 La Place

Duhe Shirley R 468 Maple Loop La Place

Duhon Taylor 646 Garyville Northern Street Garyville

Duncan Beatrice S 2213 Yorktowne Dr La Place

Duncan Edward 1104 Carrollwood Dr La Place

Dunn Leah M 560 Hwy 44 Laplace

Durant Richard 524 Nw 3Rd St Reserve

Dykes Jaray J 580 Parlange Loop La Place

Edgard Water Plant 2 1801 W Airline Hwy La Place

Edwards Ray A Po Box 399 Edgard

Edwards Sernell Maria 155 E 2Nd St Edgard

Ellis Chad T 130 Oakmont Dr La Place

Entremont Nicole 373 South Church St Garyville

Estate Of Chandra Parekh 106 Oakmont Dr. Laplace

Estate Of Dorothy M Ellis 713 Medford Dr La Place

Estate Of Ella Mae Caviness 106 Oakmont Dr. Laplace

Estate Of Ernest A Becnel Jr The 2016 Devon Rd La Place

Estate Of Felix Geraci 141 Thorughbred Ave La Place

Estate Of Nieto Fe 400 Bellevue Dr La Place

Estate Of Oneid Estate Kevin Melancon P O Box 968 La Place

Estate Of Vernon L Hill 2150 Champion Dr La Place

Fabre Rebecca B 412 Regs Park Lot 25 Reserve

Falgoust Daran J 523 Daffodil St Mount Airy

Falgoust Erika 1813 Ridgefield Drive Laplace

Faucheaux Terry 3597 Hwy. 18 Edgard

Faulk Linda Po Box 1022 La Place

Fauvelle Robert W 425 Belmont Dr La Place

Felipe Martinez 178 Paula Drive La Place

Feltonporter Sheila 2549 Virginia Colony Laplace

Fenroy Melvin Po Box 2046 La Place

Firmin Deshanda 153 River Oaks Drive La Place

Fisackerly Robert 1813 Armant Ct La Place

Flettrich Kristen L 6 Lagi St La Place

Ford Holly 526 Christy St La Place

Ford Sheila 2528 Virginia Colony Ave Laplace

Forsythe Wayne 239 North Church Street Garyville

Frank Devin 143 Palmetto Drive Laplace

Franklin Terry 2428 Amy Drive Laplace

Frazier Kim 207 E 10Th St Reserve

Fremin Keith 151 Louisiana Ave Laplace

Gaines Larhonda 402 Coles Ldg La Place

Gardner Jr Charles A 415 Homewood Pl Reserve

Gautreaux Oliver 101 Hickory St Reserve

George Alvin 118 Gail Dr La Place

George Alvin V 118 Gail Dr La Place

Giroir Clyde A 154 Ingleside Rd La Place

Godchaux Gregory L 203 Bedford St La Place

Gordon David P 640 Lemoyne Drive La Place

Grady Junious 220 Spruce St La Place

Grant Mark Owen 637 Foxwood Ln La Place

Green Jermaine 261 S Emile St Garyville

Grego Caleb Po Box 2995 Reserve

Gregory Cambre 199 Central Ave Reserve

Gremillion Brian 281 S Church Street Garyville

Grimes Sean 69 Indigio Pkwy Laplace

Gueret Clayton 119 East 6Th St Reserve

Guidry Rhonda S Po Box 772 La Place

Hall Craig M 425 Central Ave Edgard

Hamm Erik 2219 E Canterbury Dr La Place

Harrison James R Po Box 2951 La Place

Harrison Laura 382 Fairway Dr Apt 25 La Place

Hawthorne Steven 404 Kenilworth Dr La Place

Haydel Beckie 609 E. Oak Point Court Laplace

Hebert Jessica 12 Oxford Drive La Place

Heltz Darrell 229 W 3Rd St Reserve

Hernandez Sthefany P 557 Melrose Dr La Place

Higginbotham Jonathan D 25 Sandpiper Dr La Place

High Status Dance Group Attn: Lana Hall 1900 Ellerslie Ave Laplace

Hinds Runnell 1813 Meeker Loop La Place

Hines Gregory R 1503 E Frisco Dr La Place

Hobson Brown Funeral Home Po Box 61 Garyville

Holloway Jacqueline E 119 Dove St La Place

Holloway James Po Box 1566 Laplace

Holyoke Donald A 116 Riverside Dr Reserve

Home Creations Inc. 3101 Cambridge Dr Laplace

Howard John 270 W 3Rd St Edgard

Huddleston Dawson Katie E 136 Azalea Drive Laplace

Hughes Kiera S 2448 Williamsburg Dr La Place

Ici Po Box 866 Garyville

Iii James Wagner 41 Turnberry Dr La Place

Isom Yoland 620 Hawk St La Place

Jabez Fronters Llc 8896 Richmand Dr Laplace

Jabour Mufid 1405 Wairline Hwy La Place

Jackson Paulette 342 W 1St St Edgard

Jackson Stephanie 106 Nicole Dr La Place

Jacob Rusty 274 E 15Th St Reserve

James Carol 1204 Cinclar Loop La Place

Jamie Kubert 146 Ingle Side Road Laplace

Jean Reed 1945 Heather Ln # A La Place

Jenkins Alberta M 446 N W Second Street Reserve

Jenkins Lashanna Po Box 247 206 East 12 Extension St Reserve

Jenkins Pierce 1404 Cambridge Dr La Place

Johnson Casey 345 Historic Main St Garyville

Johnson Danielle 1828 Cinclair Loop Laplace

Jones Cynthia T 712 Gardenia St La Place

Jones Marie P 239 S Church St Garyville

Jones Tony 110 Nw Reserve

Joseph Kenneth 1621 Williamsburg Dr Laplace

Joseph Solomon 1547 Delta Rd La Place

Keating Ruben 2064 Cypress Street Laplace

Keating Terry 620 Cherry Street Laplace

Keller Williams Realty 117 Belle Terre Blvd La Place

Kelson Estate Of Mary 500 Nw 2Nd St Reserve

Kenneth C August 205 Surrey Drive Laplace

Kim I Cola 408 Rook St La Place

Knight Felton J 159 Palmetto Dr La Place

Kurz Mabry Connie 177 Thoroughbred Ave Montz

La Place Concrete Inc 144 Kimball Dr La Place

Labaux Alisha P.O. Box 193 Laplace

Lacava Buddy P.O. Box 1673 La Place

Laiche Myrtle 121 Thoroughbred Ave La Place

Lambert Patrick 353 Oak Pt Laplace

Lambert William G 119 Colonial Cir La Place

Landry Trevor 117 W Oak Point Ct Laplace

Lang Kenshell 65 Ridgewood Dr La Place

Laplace Ford 555 Belle Terre Blvd La Place

Larousse Diana 1412 Madewood Rd La Place

Lastrapes David A 499 Evangeline Rd Montz

Laura W Boyce La Machinery Co Inc Po Box 536 Reserve

Lea Andrew 221 Oxbow Drive La Place

Leboeuf Thomas 124 Viola Ct La Place

Ledet Herbert A 329 Somerset Laplace

Lee Beatrice G 2313 Cartier Dr La Place

Lemoine Courtney 149 Somerset La Place

Lemoine Hunter C 813 Marjorie Ct La Place

Lennix Ozzie 1717 Williamsburg Dr La Place

Lennix Ozzie 1717 Williamsburg Dr La Place

Leonard Donna 114 Elm Loop Laplace

Lincoln Ebony A 134 River Pointe La Place

Lopez Penny H 396 Fairway Dr La Place

Louis Berthiaume Estate 139 Hollywood Park La Place

Louis Viola 241 Central Ave Edgard

Louisiana Machinery Co Po Drawer 536 Reserve

Lovette Shondrea 423 Northwest 3Rd Street Apt22 Reserve

Lucas Louis 817 Marjorie Ct La Place

Madere Blaine P 605 Camelia Ave La Place

Madere Jamie E 578 Evangeline Rd. Montz

Mallet Latisha E 2408 N Sugar Ridge Rd La Place

Marie M Mccray 653 Highway 18 Edgard

Marseille Village Condo Assoc Po Box 1632 La Place

Marshall Lucille B 237 Daffodil St Mount Airy

Martin Bibian H 2405 Oriole Loop La Place

Martin Brittany 1544 Delta Rd Laplace

Martin Henry Po Box 340 La Place

Martin Sharanay 103 Homewood Pl Reserve

Mathrene Jimmy 337 Catalpa Drive La Place

Maurer Steven 15 Country Club Dr La Place

Mccormick Amanda R 169 W 5Th St Reserve

Mcelveen Melvin 628 Franklin Court La Place

Mcgee Ariel 445 Central Ave 4 Reserve

Mcgee Taja 2429 Virginian Colony Ave La Place

Medina Martinez Juan 192 Kathy Dr La Place

Melancon Denina 2625 Lexingon Dr La Place

Mica Breakfast House 1173 E Airline La Place

Michelen Geovanny 1698 Creole St La Place

Mike Williams Insurance Agencyinc Po Box 1987 Laplace

Miller Ardean C 1416 English Colony La Place

Miller Mitchell Po Box 2356 Reserve

Millet Joseph S 338 W 5Th St La Place

Millet Larry J 560 Garyville Northern St Garyville

Minden Kelly 23 Dereck Ln Laplace

Mod Space 1145 East Airline Hwy Laplace

Moncade Jennifer M 916 Carrollwood Dr La Place

Monroe Jean 2417 Cartier Dr La Place

Montz Nemours A Po Box 464 La Place

Moore Anthony M 119 E 26Th St Reserve

Moore Marty D 80 Tuscany Dr La Place

Morris Bernadette 1815 Fairway Dr La Place

Morris Shirley 201 Rue Dubourg Apt 125 La Place

Mrs Clean Maid Service Llc 18164 River Rd Montz

Munoir Francelle M 54 Ridgewood Dr La Place

Munson Fletcher Po Box 5004 Laplace

Nalco Company Llc 3628 Highway 44 Garyville

Narcisse Yolanda 427 Orange Loop La Place

Neal Eric C 120 Oakmont Dr La Place

Nguyen Thuan M 434 Belle Terrt Laplace

Nguyen Thuha 1616 W Airline Hwy La Place

Nicholson K 1429 Cambridge Dr La Place

Nuccio Priscilla 131 Mattie St La Place

O Hara Jones Yvette 105 Riverlands Dr La Place

Odeh Ahmad Po Box 2009 Reserve

Oncale Wally 2280 Country Club Dr La Place

Oubre Kevin 1608 Main Street Laplace

Oubre Rene A 1320 Madewood Rd La Place

Oxner Garland D 2507 S Sugar Ridge Laplace

Patricia Clark 1708 E Frisco Dr La Place

Patton Richard P 201 Rue Dubourg Apt 528 La Place

Pei Leo A 3400 Palmisano Blvd Edgard

Peranio Firmin L 213 Central Ave Reserve

Performance Physical Therapy 301 W Airline Hwy Ste 104 La Place

Perrilloux Ajoya C 149 Robichaux Dr Laplace

Peterson Samantha 2247 Pine Valley Dr La Place

Pilgreen Jesse P 135 Crocus St Garyville

Pinkins Clayton 1823 Fairway Drive Laplace

Pinkney Rawlisa 208 Grove Park La Place

Placide Erica 157 Tammy Dr La Place

Platt Michael D 2813 Highway 51 Laplace

Popovich Zachary Paul 1304 Windsor St Laplace

Prycl Margaret 328 N Canterbury Dr La Place

Rainey Leotha 3000 Williamsburg Dr. Laplace

Raphael George 201 Rue Dubourg Apt 509 La Place

Raphield Warren Estate 175 Mcreine Rd La Place

Reid Thelma 6331 Trailwood Ter 2216 Tiffany Dr La Place

Reserve Telephone Po Box T Reserve

Reyes Fredy Noriega 426 Reg Park Ave Lot 20 Reserve

Ricca Nelvia 14114 Thoroughbred Ave Montz

Riley Delvin A 186 Beech Grove Drive Reserve

River Bend Lanes 947 Cambridge Dr Laplace

River Parish Mental Health Clinic Inc 1809 W Airline La Place

River Parish Truckstop 1173 E Airline Hwy Ste A Laplace

River Parishes Dialysis 2880 West Airline Laplace

Rivera Hernand Alex 157 Oswald Ave La Place

Riverland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc 601 Belle Terre Blvd La Place

Riverside Urgent Care 3317 New Highway 51 Laplace

Robbie Lee Tomeny 164 Bellgrove Drive Laplace

Roberson Anetra M 316 Concord Drive La Place

Robertson Ajanae 1937 Jasper Ln La Place

Robinson Caneisha R 12 Forestal Ct La Place

Roccaforte Lamana A 299 S Church St Garyville

Rolland Bridgette 2072 Lafitte Street La Place

Rollo Antoinette D 6 Hackberry Dr La Place

Rollo Vincent J 6 Hackberry St La Place

Roman Craig 1208 Bert St Laplace

Ross Lemieux Deon P O Box 150 Garyville

Ross Overton 221 Homewood Pl Reserve

Roussel Wayne A 606 Bluebonnet Ct Apt B La Place

Roussell Quentin J 132 E 4Th Street Edgard

Roy Raymond 2737 Williamsburg Dr Laplace

Royals James W P O Box 2587 Reserve

Rushing John Paul 113 Barber Dr La Place

Russo Gary J C/O Estate Of 184 River Oaks Dr La Place

Sanchez Nyron 2212 Cartier Dr La Place

Sanders Gregory 268 Power Blvd Reserve

Sanders Maud R C O Angie M Atkinson 2413 Oriole Loop La Place

Sanders Shondreca 1808 Tiffany Drive Laplace

Sandolph John E 1116 Windsor St La Place

Sarah Lawrence 725 Little Hope Street Garyville

Satterlee Joseph 277 W 5Th St La Place

Savoie Karl L P O Box 2583 Laplace

Schott Margaret 333 Catalpa St Laplace

Schroeder Donna 344 Mcreine Rd La Place

Schutz Anna P Po Box 341 La Place

Scott Christophe R 2729 Cambridge Dr La Place

Scottsprofessionaltaxservicellc 1317 W Airline Hwy Ste E Laplace

Shifflett Charles L 536 Esplanade St La Place

Sicard Douglas 2421 N Sugar Ridge Rd La Place

Simoneaux Corey F 230 Magnolia Avenue Laplace

Simple Mobile Solutions 131 Belle Terre Blvd La Place

Sinclair Justin T 2913 Concordia Dr Laplace

Singleton Burnet 321 Chad B Baker St Reserve

Smelley Bryan Lee 901 Michael Ct Apt D La Place

Smelley Jr Michael 901 Michael Court Apt O La Place

Smith Ann 324 Somerset Rd La Place

Smith Arthur 192 E 12Th Street Edgard

Smith Carlon Po Box 2514 Reserve

Smith Kia C 1519 Lafreniere Dr La Place

Smith Laurence A 296 Chad B Baker St Reserve

Smith Madison 2032 Longwood Dr Laplace

Smith Robert 509 Chatsworth Dr La Place

Smith Rosaline 2737 Yorktowne Dr La Place

Smith Thomas 7 Hackberry St La Place

Snowdy J S Po Box 1394 La Place

Solet Jeremy 1600 E Frisco Dr La Place

Speed Barry T 22 Pampas Dr La Place

Split The Pie Restaurants Albert Courcelle Iii 405 Belle Terre Laplace

Sprivey Desiree M 1432 Yorktowne Dr La Place

Sr Ellis Randle 237 Pine St La Place

St Amant Vernon 104 Oxbow Dr Laplace

St Hill George R 8793 Houma Dr La Place

St John Emergency Group 500 Rue De Sante Laplace

Styles Takeisha 65 Sawgrass Dr La Place

Suggs Perry P O Box 505 Garyville

Sumler Adrienne J 50 Country Club Dr La Place

Supreme Ford Of Laplace Llc Dba Supreme 555 Belle Terre Boulevard La Place

Swbc Mortgage Corp 562 Greenwood Dr. La Place

Swearengen Michael M 104 Lake Ridge Dr Laplace

Swetnam Shannon 95 Holly Dr La Place

Sylvain Joseph 112 River Pointe La Place

Taylor Charlie J 928 Fairway Dr La Place

Taylor Haspel 192 W Lakeview La Place

Taylor Jared D 113 Arline Ct Montz

Tegala Bearji Md 381 Oak Point Drive La Place

Tegala Benarji 381 Oak Point Drive Laplace

Terrio Pauline D 163 Terrio Dr Reserve

Thatikonda Narender 275 Oak Point Drive La Place

The X Perience 137 Portrush Dr La Place

Thom Steven 188 East 3Rd St Reserve

Thomas George 538 Nw 2Nd St Reserve

Thomas Raymond Po Box 47 Reserve

Thompson Bob S 1601 English Colony Dr La Place

Timberlake Katie 111 Madere Ln Laplace

Tomeny Robbie 164 Belle Grove Dr La Place

Toney Susie 126A E 13Th St Reserve

Torregano Joseph C 500 Melrose Dr La Place

Torres Roxanne C 133 Mill St Garyville

Toussaint Jonathan 1500 Ellerslie Ave La Place

Trahan Billy 195 Laplace Trailer Park Ct La Place

Tregre Wilder L 128 Jennifer Ln La Place

Tri Parish Welding 2801 New Highway 51 La Place

Triche Brandon 106 N. West 3Rd Street Reserve

Triche Nida W 130 Leigh Ln Montz

Trosclair Joseph 127 Annex St Reserve

Trosclair Roy 277 E 17Th St Reserve

Turcuit Andrew 201 Rue Dubourg Apt 301 La Place

Turley Christophe M 2709 Williamsburg Laplace

Turley Karen M 3009 Williamsburg Dr La Place

Turner Derek P O Box 505 Laplace

Turner Dorothy 365 Oak Point Drive Laplace

Turner Lana J 1532 Grant St La Place

Tyson April M 111 Toussell Court Laplace

United Way Of St John Baptist 627 Belle Terre Blvd Laplace

Varmall Alvin 1600 Belle Pointe Blvd La Place

Velez Edwin Oviedo 101 Ormond Blvd G 3 La Place

Vicknair Angelie 359 Captain George Bougeois St Laplace

Vicknair Darren J 27 Windsor Blvd La Place

Vicknair Ronald 266 Terrio Dr Reserve

Vicknair Roy A 204 Devon Rd La Place

Villafana Stefan 2525 Lexington Dr Laplace

Vital John P O Box 449 Garyville

Vollenweider Devin Michael 512 Camelia Ave La Place

Washington Lawrence 201-D Belle Terre Blvd Laplace

Watkins Nathaniel J 256 Vichy Ct La Place

Watson Michael 501 Gardenia St Laplace

Weber Bridget Anselmo 404 Greenwood Dr La Place

Westery Arthur 2548 Virginia Colony Avenue Montz

Weston Tiffany M 642 Nw 2Nd St Reserve

White Ann C 1015 Gemeni Street Reserve

Wicks Josie 408 Pelican Ln La Place

Williams Dasha D 1716 Carrollwood Dr La Place

Williams Jermaine P. O. Box 133 Reserve

Williams Lakenya M 214 East 24Th Street Reserve

Williams Regina 2100 Cambridge Dr La Place

Wiltberger Viola 1200 Bellevue Dr Laplace

Wiltz Kierra L 28 Pampas Dr La Place

Windes Jeffrey U 114 Jenny Ct Montz

Zeno Jamiya 2101 Tiffany Dr La Place

Zeringue Alvin 3009 Sherwood Dr La Place