Lifting up our communities: Mosaic offers new grant opportunity  

Published 8:14 am Saturday, October 10, 2020

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CONVENT — While Mosaic is proud to help the world grow the food it needs, the company also remains committed to helping local communities when they need support.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mosaic has invested more than $1.5 million to support food banks, schools and other organizations in need during this difficult and unprecedented time.

Mosaic hopes its new grant opportunity will provide much-needed support during the COVID-19 pandemic while opening a door to building new community partners.

The global pandemic continues to impact the economy, health and education. This week, Mosaic was proud to announce a new grant opportunity to support nonprofit organizations working to address the needs related to/resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities.

This one-time grant opportunity is for a limited number of grants.

Mosaic invites area organizations serving southeast Louisiana to apply for grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Mosaic leaders hope this grant can help nonprofits fill a specific need that will in turn help better serve the people in surrounding communities.

Jackie McCreary, public affairs manager for Mosaic’s Louisiana operations, hopes the grants will allow Mosaic to grow new community partnerships.

Mosaic currently supports the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, which services several parishes, including St. James. Six pantry partners in St. James Parish receive food donations thanks in part to Mosaic’s support.

Mosaic supports agricultural organizations and local food bank partners serving St. James Parish and the surrounding region.





Mosaic employees have had the opportunity to visit the food bank and assist in distributions. Mosaic is also deeply involved in agricultural education in the River Parishes and has partnered with the Fast Food Farm in Gramercy.

“We are very proud of our mission to help the world grow the food it needs. We also remain committed to helping the people in our communities when it is needed most,” McCreary said. “In terms of community investment, we have three primary focus areas: food, water and local communities. We do a lot with food insecurity and agriculture related education in the classrooms. We do a lot on water conservation, nutrient stewardship, and of course lifting up our local communities, schools, non-profits and food banks. Occasionally, when disasters are in the area, we will respond to the types of disasters impacting our operating parishes in Southeast Louisiana.”

Nonprofits working to address the needs of residents impacted by COVID-19 are invited to apply for a grant using the following link: (

Please include “ATTN: LUOC” in the program title and submit grant applications by Oct. 19.