Clifton: Breaking up [with salt] is hard to do?

Published 6:43 am Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Do you have hypertension or have been told you have high blood pressure? Are you not sure exactly what you should eat, or what in your diet affects your blood pressure? Break Up With Salt is a program to help adults at risk or with hypertension/high blood pressure learn about managing their condition through goal setting, diet, label reading, portion control and cooking. The four-part educational series will be held at 10 a.m. on October 5, 12, 19 and 26 using Microsoft Teams (virtual learning). The program should last 1½ hours each session.

The program will be conducted by Cynthia Clifton, area nutrition agent with the LSU AgCenter. Participants will receive all information discussed at each class and the opportunity to receive healthy recipes.

This program is open to the public and there is NO COST to attend the series. You should attend all four classes to get all the information presented, as each class is a different topic. Please call 985-497-3261 or email Cynthia Clifton at for more information or to sign up to attend this class by October 4.

  • October 5 – Session 1 – Detect, Correct and Protect
  • October 12 – Session 2 – DASH Diet and Label Reading
  • October 19 – Session 3 – Grocery Store Tour, Location, TBA
  • October 26 – Session 4 – Mastering Meals with Flavor and Less Sodium

Remember to call 985-497-3261 or email Cynthia Clifton at to pre-register for this great educational opportunity by October 4, though pre-registration is not required to attend this class.

Cynthia Clifton is the general nutrition agent for the St. John the Baptist Parish extension office of the LSU Ag Center. She can be reached at