Envie Spa & Beauty Studio opens in LaPlace

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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LAPLACE – Envie Spa & Beauty Studio is bringing much needed skin care, relaxation and beauty services to the River Parishes. The studio opened last week at 75 Dominican Drive Suite 208 in LaPlace, across from The Medicine Shoppe’s new building and St. Charles Catholic High School.

Owner Trista Brazan designed a cozy space that invites customers to take a deep breath, sit back and feel at peace. She said the homey esthetic provides a perfect escape from everyday stresses.

Services include make-up application, facials, dermablading exfoliation, lash lifts and tints, brown tints and waxing, and face and body waxing.

Brazan also plans to offer hydrodermabrasion in the future. This process utilizes a jet of water droplets to exfoliate and hydrate skin.

Brazan opened her own business to take control of her schedule and be more present for her family. When Brazan gave birth to her second daughter in 2014, she dedicated every day and night to meeting her child’s complex medical needs. Claire was born with half a heart and a genetic disorder, a combination that set the stage for a heart transplant, several operations and countless emergency room visits.

Claire’s condition stabilized around 2018, at which time Brazan returned to work. However, medical visits, caring for two children and coordinating with Claire’s at-home nurse’s schedule made it difficult to maintain a traditional 9 to 5 job.

“I was taking a lot of vacation time and was unable to be as present at my job as I wanted to be. That really brought it to my attention that working for someone isn’t the best plan for me right now because I need to be in control of my schedule,” Brazan said. “With that in mind, I was thinking about things that I would enjoy doing and also owning my own business.”

Brazan has always been interested in skincare and makeup. Becoming certified as a licensed esthetician became the perfect fit for her business aspirations. She started an esthetics course in 2019 and would have graduated in April 2020 if not for the COVID-19 Stay at Home order.

Graduation day finally arrived in July 2020. On Sept. 2, Envie Spa & Beauty Studio opened to the public.

Envie Spa & Beauty studio is a cozy space that invites people to relax and escape the stresses of world. The Spa is located at 75 Dominican Drive Suite 208, across from The Medicine Shoppe’s new building.

“It’s really been a labor of love. It’s something that I could see myself doing for a while going forward and something that would really benefit my family and allow me to be more present,” Brazan said.

“There’s not a lot of esthetic services offered in the River Parishes, so I am thrilled to be able to offer these services. Right now is a very stressful time. What really is exciting to me is to be part of someone else’s peace and relaxation. We built a really cozy but professional studio. Right when you walk in, you feel at home. You feel comforted. I want people to come in and really feel at peace and relaxed.”

Brazan feels like she has succeeded in that goal every time she catches someone falling asleep in her chair. She considers it a compliment that they were able to reach that point of true relaxation.

Jenni Vicknair has visited spas on cruise ships, but she said those experiences had nothing on Envie Spa & Beauty Studio. She described Brazan as very professional and knowledgeable.

“I got a facial. The ambiance was just awesome, from the lighting to the sound and smell. Even the temperature in there was perfect,” Vicknair said. “I’m not one who pampers myself at all, and it was just amazing. I suffer from migraines and medical issues. It really calmed me as soon as I went in there.”

Mary Cancienne was impressed with the results of her lash lift and tint.

“My experience was great and it was a very relaxing atmosphere. Trista was very helpful and made me feel comfortable throughout the process,” Cancienne said. “I would go again. I have already recommended it to friends and family.”

While there are some COVID-19 protocols in place such as masks and temperature screenings, Brazan said she is still able to provide all advertised services without any disruption.

“In aesthetics, we are very conscious about sterilizing and disinfesting, so it wasn’t a big change for us to adapt to those kinds of measures that are required of us. We were doing that anyway,” Brazan said.

Business hours are 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Brazan also accommodates Saturday appointments and evening appointments by request.

For more information about Envie Spa & Beauty Studio or to request an appointment, please call (985) 233-0530 or email tristabrazan@outlook.com.