Readers agree age of majority should be consistent for all adult activities

Published 6:28 am Saturday, September 5, 2020

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LAPLACE — L’OBSERVATEUR was unable to create a Facebook poll last week due to technical issues, so we created a post to ask readers, “Should the legal Age of Majority for ALL adult activities (smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual consent, entering into contracts such as military service, gun ownership) be the same age? If not, which what ages you think fit which activity (or activities).”

Seven readers responded to the question, and all agreed that the legal age of majority should be consistent for all adult activities.

One commenter stated, “Yes. If you can’t drink until 21 then you should be considered a minor till you’re 21. No voting, no military service, stay with your parents, etc.”

Another said, “Yes. I always thought it was odd that a person could go to war, but not drink a beer.”

Yet another commenter in agreement stated, “At 18teen you could die for your country let me drink/smoke or whatever.”

For our next Facebook poll, we ask, “Do you think individual regions of Louisiana with lower rates of COVID-19 infections should be able to move to Phase Three, or should the decision to change Phases be based on statewide data?” Feel free to explain your opinion in the comments.