Weekly Facebook poll: Readers still believe bail should be conditional

Published 10:45 am Saturday, August 22, 2020

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In response to our Weekly Facebook Reader Poll, 84 L’OBSERVATEUR readers voted on the question, “Do you believe bail should be set for any person regardless of the crime of which they are accused?”

Only 17 people (20 percent) voted YES (20 percent), whereas 67 people voted NO (80 percent).

Among the reader comments were, “Depends on the crime,” “That sad most people said No,” and “Refusal of bail should be based on the continuing danger the person poses to society.”

The next Reader Poll question will be, “Should the legal Age of Majority for ALL adult activities (smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual consent, entering into contracts such as military service, gun ownership) be the same age?” Besides just answering YES or NO, please comment with what age you think fits which activity (or activities).

However, Facebook has been having technical issues with our account, so the question has still not been placed.  In any case, the question/poll will be made to last until September 2.