Facebook Poll Results: St. John says ‘NO’ to voting by mail

Published 12:37 pm Friday, August 14, 2020

Last week’s opinion poll asked L’OBSERVATEUR readers, “Do you think that mail-in ballots are a good idea?” After 223 total votes, and a lively discussion, 84 percent of respondents replied “NO.”  Only 16 percent of the people believed mail-in ballots were a good idea.

  There were plenty of comments with this question.  One reader in favor of mail-in ballots said, “Mail-in ballots are a legal, ethical way for military personnel, the disabled and people who just moved and need to vote.”

  Still someone else replied, “Mail-in ballots are a horrible idea and should be limited in scope!”

  Several readers faulted the mail service with their distrust of mail-in ballots.

  “If you can go to Wal-Mart, you can vote in person” was an idea reflected by a few participants.

This week’s poll question is “Do you believe bail should be set for any person regardless of the crime of which they are accused?” Let your opinion be known, and if you’d like, leave a comment that further explains your answer. The results will be published in next Saturday’s edition of L’OBSERVATEUR.

To submit a survey question, please send to gary.dupre@lobservateur.com.