Weekly Facebook poll: Readers are doubtful Phase 2 will end soon

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 1, 2020

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L’OBSERVATEUR asked readers, “Do you believe we will still be at Phase 2 by the end of the Governor’s current resolution on August 7?” A total of 46 votes were cast, and 72 predicted Louisiana will remain in Phase 2 beyond Aug. 7. Meanwhile, 28 percent of voters predicted the Phase will change, either moving backwards to Phase 1 or forward to Phase 3.

One reader commented, “We won’t be past phase 2 till at least November.”

For the next Facebook poll question, we ask, “Are you in agreement with the concept of Innocent UNLESS proven Guilty?” Feel free to further explain your vote in the COMMENT section. The results will be available in next Saturday’s L’OBSERVATEUR.