Weekly Facebook poll splits 50/50 on fall football; more engagement on fireworks question

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 18, 2020

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L’OBSERVATEUR’s poll from two weeks ago asked readers, “Do you think there will be a football season this fall?”  Not nearly as many readers responded as they did to the previous restaurant poll. Out of 30 votes cast, 15 people (50 percent) people voted YES and 15 people responded NO.

The only comment added to a vote was, “I vote yes because they would lose too much money if not. They will figure something out even if they make it on tv pay per view.”

Last week’s Facebook poll question was “Do fireworks restrictions need to be changed?”

Out of 206 votes cast, 45 percent (93 people) said they needed to be changed, while 55 percent (113 people) said current restrictions are fine.

There were a handful of comments from this question, including: “It used to be illegal to pop fireworks in SJB. Now that it’s legal yallgonna complain to much and make it illegal again…If that’s what yall want move to a place that they’re illegal to have or pop.”

Someone else commented, “Enforce the ordinance and anyone caught popping out of the restricted times need to pay a fine. Better yet only allow them to sell on said holiday and then enforce the ordinance and fine people that don’t follow the law. People with Autism , elderly, Ptsd and other things need to be respected along with everyone else . Animals have a hard time during the time we know it will happen much less when it shouldn’t happen. Also those loud fireworks that sound like bombs need adjusting. Those bother me the most”

For the next Facebook poll question, we ask, “Do you agree with the decision to cancel the 2020 Andouille Festival?” Remember to elaborate on your vote in the comments section.

The results will be available in next Saturday’s L’OBSERVATEUR.