Keller: Is Christian America in decline?

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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I have a habit of saving articles that get my attention. I very seldom read them again, but I don’t throw them away.

Last week, I discovered a Newsweek magazine dated April 19, 2009. The cover was a solid black background with big, bold, red letters which read: “The Decline and Fall of Christian America,” by Jon Meacham. It stated that a poll showed that fewer people, 62 percent, considered the United States as a Christian nation compared to 69 percent in 2008. It was a gradual decline as Christians lost the battle over abortion, school prayer and same-sex marriages, entering what is considered the post-Christian phase.

The article also stated that the Christian God isn’t dead. But he’s less of a force in U.S. politics and culture than at any other time in recent memory. Keep in mind. This article was written 11 years ago.

How sad! A country considered “one nation under God” is now divided with little respect for the Creator of it all.

The article mentioned Alexis de Tocqueville, an author and statesman in the 18th Century, who came to America to see what made it great. He visited the farmlands, the industries and the churches. He concluded that it was the churches that made America great.

Today I believe that the rapid decline in our country can be blamed on the condition of the churches.

Before I wrote this article, I was at PJ’s for coffee. Earlier I had read my morning devotional and was convicted when I read that as a Christian, I should concentrate on my spiritual condition instead of the political situation in the country. The bottom line is — being prepared for where I’ll spend eternity.

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