Weekly Facebook poll results: St. John says ‘NO’ to facemasks in school

Published 11:39 am Saturday, June 20, 2020

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L’OBSERVATEUR is posting a weekly reader poll on its Facebook page to engage readers in issues important to our local community. Our poll question was, “Is it reasonable to expect young elementary school children to wear masks at school all day long?”

Votes were cast by 309 of our Facebook friends. Ten percent of respondents responded YES and an overwhelming 90 percent said NO, it is not reasonable.

Besides voting, you can elaborate under the poll by posting comments just like any other Facebook post. Many readers gave further explanations of their voting in the comments section.

One reader replied, “I say continue with online education because I’m not comfortable sending my child to school with this pandemic.”  Another person said, “Indeed not. That is going to cause an awful lot of aggravation for teachers who have to deal with fidgety children playing with said facemasks. It’s also going to lead to a lot of funny stories, too.”

For the next poll question, we ask, “If the proposed new rail service between New Orleans and Baton Rouge becomes a reality, would you ride it?”

The results will be available in next Saturday’s L’OBSERVATEUR.