15-year-old starts all-natural face care business

Published 12:05 am Saturday, June 20, 2020

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VACHERIE — Like many teenagers, 15-year-old Janneh Trench of Vacherie struggled with acne and tried numerous facial products that did more harm than good.

Determined to find a solution, Janneh conducted research to discover which natural ingredients are most effective on various skin types. He used his findings to launch a new natural-based facial and body care company called FreshFaces.

Janneh has created products, offered samples and started marketing FreshFaces on his website and social media platforms. He said the business focuses on face care currently but will soon expand to include more all-natural products.

The moment he decided to create FreshFaces, he made it his mission to help others who may be suffering with skin problems and harmful reactions to commercial cleansers.

“FreshFaces uses natural remedies. I’m not saying medicine products are not good for us, but some of it can actually do things to us that our body doesn’t need,” Janneh said. “Some of the medicine products can cause a chemical reaction on our face and give us a burn or rash. All natural products aren’t going to give us those chemical reactions.”

Starting the business required a lot of research, according to Janneh. He meticulously combines his ingredients using measuring cups and spoons to make the best possible products.

Oatmeal, coconut oil and castor oil are among the ingredients at his disposal. Essential oils might include a splash of lavender, lemon, cinnamon or peppermint. Unless he is making a facial serum, Janneh typically only uses a few drops of essential oil in his organic mixture.

Janneh currently offers three products through his FreshFaces business. The facial scrub, priced at just $6, gently removes dirt from clogged pores to clear acne, dark spots, blackheads and whiteheads.

Janneh Trench has created a variety of FreshFaces products.

The natural face moisturizer, priced at $8, keeps skin flourishing and glowing. Janneh’s third product, facial oil, is priced at $5. Made with essential oils, the facial oil is gentle on pores and makes skin soft and smooth.
Since every person is different, Janneh cares for his customers with an individualized approach. When servicing customers with sensitive skin, he keeps essential oils and any potential irritants out of the product.

“I have had different people try it out on different types of faces and types of skin. Not everyone has the same skin type,” Janneh said. “For two months, people have been reviewing the product and saying it is good. They like the product, and it has shown growth. Someone who used my product actually went to a dermatologist and said my product is good on the skin.”

Janneh’s mother, Rachelle Gloster, is impressed to see the time, effort and passion her son has put into the new business.

“He’s a teenage boy, and he’s trying to do this for himself,” Gloster said. “That makes me so proud. He’s beginning his own business and doing something positive.”

Gloster has tried the FreshFace products, and she loves the effect it has had on her skin.

“I have dark spots on my face, and it’s starting to clear up my dark spots and everything. If he’s selling something, it works, because he’s not one of those people just trying to sell anything. He did his research. He’s really passionate about what he’s doing.”

Gloster said Janneh has always been a kid who thinks of others first and puts himself last. He’s kind and selfless, with a heart for helping anyone he comes across.

Janneh currently attends St. James High School. When he isn’t working to grow his business, he loves to travel, research topics of interest and express his creativity.

“I learned that starting a business takes time,” Janneh said. “Owning a facial business is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I’ve learned different natural products and how they can help. If we make a change right now, natural products can change a lot in our everyday life.”

For more information, find fresh.facess on Instagram or visit https://www.shopfreshfaces.com/ .