St. John Parish Arrest Reports from 05/19 through 5/21

Published 8:23 am Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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The information is provided pursuant to the Public Records Act. Nothing contained herein is intended to imply or infer the guilt or wrongdoing of any person(s) listed. This list simply reflects the fact that these individuals have been arrested. All persons listed are assumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.


John Otis Savoy III 24, 397 Greenwood Drive, LaPlace, Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor) – Two Counts

Radondo Romail Jones 39, 1609 Cambridge Drive, LaPlace, DWI – 1st Offense (BAC .08 To .15) (Misdemeanor), Expired Drivers License, Deposit of License In Lieu Of Security Upon Arrest; Receipt

Brandon Michael Duhe 34, 860 Hwy 628, LaPlace, Theft – $1000 – $5,000 (Felony)

Charles Joseph Smith 27, 952 Whitlow Court, LaPlace, Disturbing The Peace – Offensive, Derisive, Annoying Words To Another (Misdemeanor)

Terry J. Isom 51, 108 Dove Street, LaPlace, Simple Assault (Misdemeanor), Simple Criminal Damage To Property Under $1000 (Misdemeanor)

Tyrone Patrick Joseph 35, 227 Sherman Walker, Garyville, Taking Contraband To/From Penal Institutions Prohibited (Felony), Possession With Intent To Distribute Marijuana (Felony), Possession With Intent To Distribute Crack Cocaine (Felony), Possession With Intent To Distribute Synthetic Marijuana, Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Jaden Blaze Gregory 19, 415 Sanders Street, Franklin, Hold for Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office

Female Juvenile 16, LaPlace, Runaway Juvenile

Adrian Alexander Hall 36, 6817 Sayers, Marrero, Fugitive warrant for New Orleans Police Department

Ricardo James Porter Jr. 32, 205 Somerest, LaPlace, DWI – 1st Offense (BAC .15 To .19) (Misdemeanor), Reckless Operation Of A Vehicle (Misdemeanor)


Shakari Derrick McCall 28, Borg Street, LaPlace, Fugitive Warrant for Craven County Sheriff’s Office

Travis Wyatt Dawson 41, 208 East Washington Avenue, Atmore, Ala., Fugitive Warrant for State of Alabama

Male Juvenile 15, LaPlace, Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle

Kyron Anthony Pembrook 31, 304 Historic East Street, Garyville, Simple Assault (Misdemeanor), Failure To Register And Notify As A Sex Offender (Felony)

Leejardain L. Hart 37, 136 East 26th Street, Reserve, Possession Or Distribution Of Drug Paraphernalia 3rdoffense (Felony), Illegal Carrying Of Weapon W/CDS – 14:95e Two Counts, Possession Of Firearm/Carry Concealed Weapon By Convicted Felon (Felony) Two Counts, Possession With Intent To Distribute MDMA (Felony), Possession With Intent To Distribute Cocaine (Felony), Possession With Intent To Distribute Marijuana (Felony)

Matthew Allen Jackson 33, 200 East 5th Street, Edgard, Domestic Abuse Battery (Misdemeanor)


Mizell Henry 44, 95 Tuscany Drive, LaPlace, Fugitive Warrant for Kenner Police Department

Tevin Overton Wilson 25, 1508 Van Arpel Drive, LaPlace, No Driver’s License On Person, Possession Of Marijuana 2nd Offense (Misdemeanor)