Keller: It is impossible to live a Christian life on your own

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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The most important symbol for Christians is the Cross, because they know it represents the suffering and death of their Savior, Jesus Christ. To the Christians, it’s a vital part of their lives. The reason is because every day we face and must overcome sin, Satan and self.

Often, I hear people say that it’s difficult to live a Christian life. I agree with what most people believe. It’s not difficult; it’s impossible. The only way is to let the power and person of Jesus Christ live through you.

In the past, I’ve often commented that America is no longer a Christian nation. Maybe the reason is because with 500,000 churches, very few preach about the importance of the Cross.

The secret to a victorious Christian life is to identify with the symbol of Christianity — the Cross.

Recently, I read in one of my daily devotionals that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, after years in a Russian labor camp, was depressed and wanted to die. Laying his shovel down, he walked over to a bench and sat down, knowing that a Russian guard would kill him. A fellow inmate took a stick and in the sand he traced the sign of the cross at Solzhenitsyn’s feet. As he stared at it, his entire perspective shifted. Realizing the cross represented the greatest power in the universe, he slowly got up, picked up his shovel and went back to work.

Every day we must do the same and remember that Jesus died for us.

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