St. John Parish Arrest Reports: 3-26 to 3-31

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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The information is provided pursuant to the Public Records Act. Nothing contained herein is intended to imply or infer the guilt or wrongdoing of any person(s) listed.  This list simply reflects the fact that these individuals have been arrested. All persons listed are assumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.


  Trey Michael Johnson, 26, 1808 San Francisco Drive, LaPlace, Resisting An Officer (Misdemeanor), Domestic Abuse Battery Involving Strangulation (Felony)

  Jordan M Batiste, 28, 13287 Jake Gravois Street, Vacherie, Contempt Of Court (Felony) – Two Counts


Jason Edward Mach, 31, 285 Central Av, Reserve, Fugitive Warrant For Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Office

  Glynn Juniors III, 32, 137 Chad B    Baker, Reserve, Domestic Abuse Battery Involving Strangulation (Felony)

  Matthew Joseph Landry, 29, 123 Riverland, LaPlace, Telephone Communications; Improper Language; Harassment (Misdemeanor), Domestic Abuse Battery (Misdemeanor)


  Damien Ray Walker, 36, 558 Greenwood Dr., LaPlace, Disturbing The Peace – Offensive, Derisive, Annoying Words To Another (Misdemeanor), Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle

  James R Robinson, 43, 281 E 14th St, Reserve,  Criminal Trespass – Immovable Property, Battery Of A Police Officer (Misdemeanor), Resisting An Officer W/Force Or Violence (Felony), Resisting An Officer By Refusal To Move On, Disturbing The Peace – Offensive, Derisive, Annoying Words To Another (Misdemeanor)


  Santos Lobo, 47, 152 Betty Avenue, LaPlace, Hit & Run Driving – Death Or Serious Injury, Driver Must Be Licensed

  Jamies Williams, 36, 1582 E 2nd St, Gramercy, Possession Of Heroin (Felony), Possession Of MDMA (Felony), Possession Of Crack Cocaine Less Than 28 Grams (Felony), Possession Of Marijuana 1st Offense (Misdemeanor), Possession Or Distribution Of Drug Paraphernalia 1st Offense (Misdemeanor), Resisting An Officer (Misdemeanor)

  Christopher Frasier, 21, 101 Church Hill Down, Norco, Enter/Remain After Being Forbidden – Immovable Structure, Criminal Trespass – Immovable Property


  Darryl D. Isom, 23, 2812 Yorktowne Drive, LaPlace, Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor), Resisting An Officer By Refusing Identity (Misdemeanor)


  Male Juvenile, 16, LaPlace, Second Degree Battery (Felony)

  Patrick Frazier Jr., 59, 2924 Williamsburg Drive, LaPlace, Second Degree Rape (Felony) (Sex Offense)