LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Love the Boot at Home

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 18, 2020

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The human and economic toll of the Covid-19 pandemic can’t be overstated, but we compound tragedies when we fail to learn important lessons, or when we miss opportunities for growth by cultivating good habits. One way to effect positive change is to take personal responsibility for things we can control, and one of those areas is the impact we have on our environment. As we practice social distancing or stay home with our families, we have a perfect opportunity to develop habits that create a cleaner, healthier environment. Keep Louisiana Beautiful (KLB) is here to help you do just that.

KLB is a resource for those seeking ways to build and sustain clean, vibrant communities.

On KLB’s websitekeeplouisianabeautiful.org, it lists activities that keep us connected to our family, community and environment during this time, such as:

  • Get some fresh air and sunshine while you pick up litter. Ninety-one percent of all litter is smaller than four inches, so it’s easy to miss when in your car, but you’ll notice the litter while walking, and this awareness can lead to good habits. Just make sure to use a grabber or washable cloth gloves when picking up the litter. If you also jog while picking up litter, that’s called “plogging.”
  • Parents, teach your children well! Download “Rocksey’s Toolbox,” KLB’s kindergarten – fifth grade environmental education lessons. Children will learn about important issues such as litter, pollution, recycling, protecting our waterways and good citizenship.
  • Start an herb garden. Fill your windowsill or patio garden with your favorite herbs that can be ordered online and delivered. As with all online purchases, try to consolidate them.
  • If you’re ordering take-out food, decline the restaurant’s complimentary napkins, straws and plasticware.
  • Support KLB with a donation. This can help protect and preserve our natural beauty through education, abatement, enforcement, and infrastructure improvements.

Please visit our website where you’ll find these and other ideas. Explore the website to learn about the work KLB performs. Consider taking photos or videos of your activities, and share your on your social media at #LoveTheBoot.

It’s understandable to get overwhelmed by bad news. There’s a lot we CAN’T control. Let KLB help you focus on what we CAN control by working together even as we stay apart.

Susan Russell, Executive Director

Keep Louisiana Beautiful