Keller: Celebrating sobriety one day at a time

Published 8:55 am Saturday, February 1, 2020

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On Saturday, Jan. 25, I celebrated 46 years of sobriety. That morning at PJ’s, I shared with a friend what had happened that day 46 years ago. I was a heavy drinker and had attempted many times, with no success, to seek help for my problem.

Jan. 25, 1974 was my friend Gene Duhe’s birthday. We worked together at a bank, and I suggested we have drinks after work to celebrate. He was never one who enjoyed alcohol, but I convinced him to go. I drank too much, got drunk, and he drove me home.

I’ll never forget our conversation. I told him I needed to quit drinking and since it was his birthday, I was going to quit, and therefore, it would always be easy to remember my sobriety date.

I called him this past Saturday morning, wished him a happy birthday, and we reminisced for a few minutes.

As we enjoyed our coffee, he asked if I would go to a self-help program with him to share and celebrate my anniversary date. I agreed to go, and Wednesday night I moderated the meeting. When I shared how long I was sober, I didn’t mention 46 years, but instead said I stayed sober one day at a time for 16,801 days. The reason I mentioned the time in days is because in the program I learned that life is lived just one day at a time.

I was also told that only two days will confuse your life – yesterday and tomorrow. The only day we have is today, which is called the present. It’s a gift from God for us to enjoy.

The Bible says to fret not about tomorrow because we don’t know what it holds.

I thank God for my sobriety, but most importantly, my salvation.

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