Letter To The Editor: Our Children Can’t Wait

Published 8:09 am Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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We have heard these words over and over in the last 10 years from the state government down to the local school districts.

I am sure I can say we totally agree, not only should they not be waiting to see the new education reforms take place, they also should not still be waiting to see the success in their own lives many times over with the changes being implemented by the federal government giving control to the state and local districts to ensure that the new laws are equitable and monitored in the schools.

The herd riding on accountability, school improvement, communication, teacher quality, transparency, and responsibility rest on the local school leaders.

A calendar was set long ago to make every student a success by preparing them through college-ready courses through academic achievement which is commonly measured by examinations or continued assessment.

We must identify what is working, and what is not.

We must not rest until every school in St. John the Baptist Parish is a high performing school.

Parents: here is where you come in. This weekend, take the time to talk to your children, grandchildren, or the neighbors’ children to see what is going on in their schools. We have to be vigilant in the education of the future generation. As a taxpayer, I want to also know that my money is being allocated and monitored daily to best serve the children of this parish.

To ensure that every student – no exceptions – experiences and benefits from an excellent education, schools need to examine deeply and attend to three key areas of support, by changing and growing in each area to meet the needs of all students: the school’s belief system, organizational structure, and instructional program.

Excellence without equity is, in fact, neither. It is no longer an option. What happened in this parish to the cute words ‘AS ONE’ and ‘IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING’?

Public schools in Louisiana spent an estimated $9.7 billion during the 2018-2019 academic year, a 3.7 percent increase in expenditures over the previous year, according to a National Education Association report.

We need to ‘Wake Up’ and Pay Attention to what is going on in St. John.

We are in the planning stage of setting up Town Hall meetings, and we will make public notice of the times and places.

Carolyn (Jeannie) Batiste

Retired but Never Silent Teacher