Michel: Results often come from unseen actions

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 30, 2019

Spending a day at a swim meet resulted in lots of online shopping. The following Monday, as I was unboxing and assembling one purchase, my granddaughter Adeline asked, “What’s that?”

“A mop.”

“How do you use it?”

If that wasn’t bad enough, my daughter Victoria walked in the room, paused to look at me and my new mop and said, “I don’t think I’ve even seen you mop.”

I bit my tongue, swallowed my “I’ve never seen you mop, either” words, and laughed because she was probably right. The fact is – well, two facts are – I should mop more often, and I only mop when no one is around.

Adeline, Victoria, and anyone else who has been to my home have only seen the result of my housework, not the process.

Can you relate? How many things do you do that no one sees, yet experiences the results – working, cooking, cleaning, raising children, praying, giving? A lot of what we do is without a human audience, but always with Divine knowledge.

Only God really knows the prayers we pray, the time we spend caring for people, and the energy we invest in providing for those we love, but the results are quite visible. Through our efforts, community is formed, family relations and friendships are strengthened, and people are experiencing the answers to our prayers.


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