Michel: A banner week leads to a lifetime of happiness

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 9, 2019

It’s been a banner week for Victoria Grace. My youngest child began a new job at an autism center on Monday, celebrated her 25th birthday on Thursday, and became engaged to Tim Boesen last Saturday.

On the morning of the proposal, Victoria left home to go to brunch with Tim. “We’re still celebrating my birthday,” she said.

At some point, Victoria asked if they could go to a different restaurant than Tim had suggested. He agreed, then sent a quick text message to his camera-carrying, sunglasses and hat-disguised sister Gabby that the couple would later enter Jackson Square from a different direction. Gabby responded with a screen shot of a Google Earth map indicating her location.

As Tim and Victoria walked into Jackson Square, he stopped her, removed her sunglasses, repositioned her for Gabby to get a better angle, and dropped to one knee and proposed.

And Victoria said, “YESSSSSSS!”

Moments later, a doctor who had been relaxing in the Square approached the couple to show them photos she snapped with her phone as soon as she realized what was taking place.

So, what’s next? I’ll know in a month. Victoria asked for a month to just relish in her engagement. And if the first few days are any indication, it will be a month of getting photos of her beautiful engagement ring.

And I’ve been thinking… since I can’t talk about the wedding yet, is it too early to ask when they’ll have children?

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