Michel: Flourish when planted in God

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 12, 2019

I’ve been in my home for two years. I’ve never had a sprinkler system before, so the fact that this house has one was welcomed news. Nevertheless, I didn’t use it until this past summer. It was a few weeks after I added plants to the flower beds that I thought about that system.

I’m now obligated to admit that I couldn’t figure out how to use the sprinklers, so a call was placed to the person who had them installed. Finally, the water began to flow, the sprinklers distributed the water, and then and only then did I realize that I had planted the new flowers beyond the reach of the sprinklers. And since I was not about to relocate the plants, I still use the water hose. Next year, I’ll think about where I plant new flowers.

That experience had me thinking about where I plant myself. Are the television programs I watch, the books I read, and the church services I attend nourishing? Is my thirst for knowledge quenched? Am I fed spiritually? Are my relationships life-giving, or do I feel sapped of strength?

Then I turned the question around. I thought of the people in my life, those who plant themselves in friendships with me, family members who sit around my table, and people I may not speak to in person, but have connected with through social media. What do I bring to them? Are my conversations encouraging and kind? When I say I’m going to pray about their needs, do I?

These questions have led me back to God. As I plant myself close to Him – in His Word, in prayer, and in pursuit of His will – I believe that I will flourish in every area.


Ronny Michel can be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.