Gubernatorial candidate Oscar Omar Dantzler makes a stop in St. John

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 25, 2019

LAPLACE — When visiting the River Parishes this week, Louisiana governor candidate Dr. Oscar Omar Dantzler Jr. spoke about holding chemical plants accountable to Environmental Protection Agency standards.

In conversations with local clergy leaders, Dantzler suggested forming a committee and appointing a public safety representative to each plant/refinery. This representative would be responsible for reporting any health and safety infractions. Dantzler also spoke of ending tax exemptions offered to chemical plants to spur economic growth.

“I think they should be paying higher taxes, and I think those taxes will help provide revenue for our cities, our roadways, our schools, pay raise increases or whatever it may be,” Dantzler said. “I want to talk about the danger of all these different gases and chemicals. I think they should be held accountable to a higher degree. No matter how much money the plants are bringing in, the kids are our future. Public safety is No. 1.”

Dantzler is one of nine candidates vying to represent all 64 parishes as Louisiana governor. The election will be held on Oct. 12.

Dantzler, a lifelong resident of Hammond, has more than 26 years of experience in law enforcement and security. He’s been employed in the public school system for many years as a bus driver and manages several small businesses.

Reform for state education, health care and justice systems are among his major goals. Dantzler wants to lower the cost of tuition, room and board and books. He additionally hopes to implement security upgrades and continuing education technical degrees in high schools.

Dantzler believes in higher minimum wages, suspension of grocery taxes, lowered cost for daycare and fully paid medical services for Veterans and seniors age 65 and older. Law enforcement, emergency response personnel and educators are especially deserving of pay raises mirroring national standards, Dantzler said. However, he also believes officers should be held more accountable in cases of police brutality.

Another priority for Dantzler is the legalization of personal and recreational marijuana to bring in more revenue and decrease incarceration for misdemeanor offenses. He said nonviolent offenders should be released from jail and placed on a restitution payment plan.

“I am a down to earth person,” Dantzler said. “I could relate to any person without regard to sex, race, color, religion, etc. I need your support to help me move the State of Louisiana into a better future.”

Dantzler graduated from Lawton School, the Slidell Police Academy and Corner Christian College.

He is a member of the Hammond Chamber of Commerce, the National Education Association, the Louisiana Educator’s Association, the Tangipahoa Parish Ministerial Alliance, the Tangipahoa Parish NAACP, the International Bail Bonds Association, the International Bodyguard and Security Guard Services, the International Academy of Executive Protection Agents, the Metro Special Police and Security organization.

Dantzler is chairman of an advisory board committee over 300 school bus drivers. He is also a member of the NRA and a firearm safety instructor for Louisiana State Police.

Dantzler advocates for term limits for elected officials. He is pro-choice and strongly supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms.