Keller: Liquor can lick away livelihood

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 20, 2019

Over 20 years ago, I used the following, written by the Rev. Walter E. Esenhour of Taylorsville, North Carolina, for an article.  It describes the effects alcohol has on our society.  I find that it’s timelier now than ever.


“He was called to visit a man who was licked by liquor. His plight, like that of millions is deplorable.  At age 40, when he should be well and strong in body, sane in mind, able to do good work, make an honest livelihood, and be a blessing to his family, church and community, he is totally disabled – a slave to liquor.

He continues – that he has seen men “dog drunk” who in the right could have been useful and influential examples of sobriety, great, noble citizens, and wonderful Christians.  No doubt some of them could have been ministers of the gospel, schoolteachers, successful farmers, lawyers, doctors, and fine businessmen, but they were licked by liquor – gone and forgotten by their community and country, except through bitter and remorseful memory.

Yes, my friends, don’t forget that liquor licks.  It licks the manhood from one’s life, the peace from his home, the money from his pocket, the bread from his table, the clothes from his back.  It destroys his credit at the stores and bank, and sends him forth in tatters and rages, maybe as a poor wretched beggar.  This happens.  Liquor licks.

It will lick the roses from a woman’s cheeks, the beauty from her face, the health from her body, the pearls from her character, and will send her to an early grave “unwept, unhonored, and unsung.”  It will lick the wife’s affection from the husband, from her precious children, from her home, and most important, away from God.

Men everywhere today could truthfully say, “I’m licked by liquor.”  Thousands of girls and women – wives, mothers, and sweethearts – could say the same.  Liquor has licked many a courtship and marriage, and has ruined many homes after marriage.

It is licking tens of thousands of husbands and wives into the courts of our nation for divorces, sending them forth as moral and spiritual wrecks.  It is licking many precious children out of the support and care, love, and protection of fathers and mothers.  It is licking countless numbers of mentally deranged into our insane asylums, many of who will never recover.

Yes, my friends, liquor licks –it is a drug – it is legal.”

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