Search turns up no prohibited items at East St. John 

Published 12:04 am Saturday, September 7, 2019

LAPLACE — On Thursday, Sept. 5, a planned search was conducted at East St. John High School. No prohibited items were found during the search, according to a press release from St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools.

This search utilized metal detectors to screen every student on campus and was conducted by school faculty. St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s officers were present only as an added security measure and did not participate directly in any student searches, according to a representative of the Sheriff’s Office.

An East St. John senior reported students entered the school through a single file line Thursday morning. According to the student, everyone had to give up bags and phones, walk through a metal detector and undergo a pat down search.

Several of these random searches have been planned and will take place throughout the school year, according to St. John Public Schools Communication Specialist Jennifer Boquet.

“This measure is one of many the St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District has in place to keep students safe,” the press release stated. “A new initiative that started this week is designed to build trust and relationships between students and members of the law enforcement community.”

This school year, officers are invited to join East St. John High School students for lunch. On-duty police officers will eat for free through local Safe Schools funding in an effort to foster fellowship and trust between students and local deputies.