Keller: Everybody has a story

Published 7:21 am Saturday, August 17, 2019

As my friend, Tom Boesen, and I were having coffee Monday morning, I noticed a lady with a knee brace walking toward the exit.

“What happened to your knee”? I asked.

She came to our table and said, “I think I’ll need another operation on my knee.”

Her name was Joy Falgout.  “Falgoust without the ‘S,’” she explained.

“How do you spell Joy?”

“J O Y,” was her reply.

“What does that stand for?” was my next question.

She didn’t know, so I told her it meant Jesus first, Other people second, and Yourself third.  She smiled and said, “I like that!”  I then told her, “If you remember to do that daily, you will have an exciting life.”

Joy sat with Tom and I for a few minutes.  She told us she lives in Bayou Gauche with her husband, Van, whose nickname is “Chuck.”

She was in LaPlace to bring her two girls (Logan and Haylay) to St. Charles Catholic High School.  Logan is in the 11th grade and Haylay is a 9th grader.  She excitedly told us they were the football managers.

We spoke for about 20 minutes and before she left we prayed for her family and her knee surgery, if needed.

Joy said, “You two have made my day.”

“That goes two ways.  We were blessed to have met you and, in fact, you gave me something interesting to write about in my next article.”

That experience was a good example of being aware of the people you meet.  Everyone has an interesting story and is willing to share it.


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