G.Smith Motorsports, BO$$HOGG Brothers delivering school supplies to 750 students

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 10, 2019

VACHERIE — Six days from now, G.Smith Motorsports and the St. James Parish-based BO$$HOGG Bros. will team up to equip 750 elementary school students with bags full of school supplies to kick off what promises to be a successful academic year.

Volunteers from both organizations will arrive at Sixth Ward Elementary, Vacherie Elementary and St. Louis Academy on August 16 in an 18-wheeler truck stocked with crayons, composition books, scissors, erasers, pencils and pocket folders packaged into drawstring backpacks.

While parents and teachers were notified of the delivery, BO$$HOGG Bros. member Dontrell Frazier said some of the students are sure to be surprised by the visit.

“We may spend 45 minutes to an hour at each school,” Frazier said. “We did it on a school day so that way we can capture all of the kids at once instead of having them come out to a location where we are. It’s important to us because not every kid has supplies. Even the week after school begins, not every kid comes in with supplies at that time.”

The iconic G.Smith Motorsports truck will deliver school supplies to elementary students.

Short for “Built on Self-Success, Helping Our Generation Grow,” the BO$$HOGG Bros. are a group of young River Parishes business professionals who have dedicated the last three years to awarding scholarships, volunteering at educational functions, mentoring the youth and giving back to the community with food and school supply donations.

Help from G.Smith Motorsports, the marketing and philanthropy division of St. Charles Parish-based Magnolia Companies LLC, has helped the newest giveaway reach heights that once seemed unimaginable.

After seeing the BO$$HOGG Bros. featured in the Spring edition of River Parishes Magazine, G.Smith Motorsports CEO Glen Smith and President Gary Smith Sr. reached out to the group and offered to purchase school supplies for a back to school giveaway.

“As soon as we heard about these guys at BO$$HOGG Bros., heard about what they are trying to accomplish, heard about all the good that they are doing in the community, we immediately knew we wanted to do what we could to help them share and expand their vision and help them accomplish some of their goals,” Glen Smith said.

“This event we are doing with them with the school supplies giveaway is going to be amazing.  We are excited to be a part of it, and are really looking forward to seeing the kids’ faces.”

Glen Smith said the BO$$HOGG Bros. have been a pleasure to partner with because they know what to accomplish and how to achieve it.

“I wish we had 1000 more guys and groups like them,” he said.

G.Smith Motorsports is active in community outreach. Each year, the group hosts holiday food and toy giveaways to bless families in need. The Christmas giveaways have reached more than 4,000 children across the River Parishes.

The organization also gives back to children confined in hospital beds for the holidays and hosts a prom for terminally ill teenagers.

The G.Smith Motorsports family and the BO$$HOGG Bros. share a love for classic cars, much to the excitement of children and adults who attend their events.

The BO$$HOGG Bros. are currently searching for venues to put on a massive car show this fall. As families come out to see the cars, Frazier would like them to hear inspiring messages from the 2017, 2018 and 2019 BO$$HOGG Chance Anthony Frazier memorial scholarship winners.

Jarriah Hooker of St. James High School was the most recent $1,000 scholarship winner.

“In all the events we do, we try to get the kids involved,” Frazier said. “We’re going to do a big car show and have the kids be the judges. We know the cars will get the people out, but we want them to hear a message too.”