Emotional 1811 reenactment planned for River Parishes

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 10, 2019

LAPLACE — January 12 marked the 208th anniversary of the historic Slave Revolt of 1811, during which hundreds of slaves carrying improvised weapons and guns marched from the LaPlace plantation owned by Manuel Andry toward New Orleans.  Federal troops stopped them near Kenner and brutally quashed the rebellion. The leaders of the revolt were tried and convicted, their heads were cut off and placed on poles along the River Road Plantations.

It was the largest armed rebellion of enslaved people in North American history.

Slave Rebellion Reenactment (SSR) is organizing a community-based performance which will reenact the rebellion Nov. 9-10, marching 26 miles of the original route over the two days. Participants will wear authentic period costumes researched and created especially for the reenactment.

Artist Dread Scott and Antenna, a New Orleans-based arts organization, are organizing the project, which is intended to be a moving, visual art.

Visit kickstarter.com/projects/antennaworks/slave-rebellion-reenactment to see a short video about the reenactment and for more information. Backers have raised more than $42,000 to the project so far.