Keller: Speeding ticket teaches lessons

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lately, Jeanne has been reminding me, repeatedly, about watching the speed limit.  Needless to say, having a rebellious attitude as I do, it’s aggravating.

Saturday morning, while driving alone to a church in Norco to pay my respects to a family who had lost a loved one, I noticed flashing lights as I approached the Spillway Bridge.  It didn’t take long for the unmarked state police car to get my attention that I needed to pull over.  I stopped on the bridge and the state trooper very politely said, “You were going 72 in a 55 mile an hour speed zone.”

Asking where I was going, I replied in a humble spirit that I was going to a church in Norco to attend a funeral.  I honestly thought that he, being as nice as he was, and I, as sorry as I seemed to be, would give me only a warning.  However, it didn’t work.  He gave me a ticket and told me to be careful.  I thanked him, not for the ticket, but for making my wife’s day, because I knew she would by happy to tell me, “I told you so!”

As I drove off, I called Jeanne and told her about my conversation with the nice state trooper.  As expected, with much delight in her voice, she said, “Oh, you got a ticket!  And her next statement was, “I told you so!”

I know God has a reason and a message for everything that happens in life.  Maybe it was to tell me to slow down and obey, not only His laws, but also the laws of the people in authority.  It might also be a message that I should pay attention and listen to Jeanne more.

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