DSC Dredge, LLC Joins Forces with Dragflow S.r.l.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 19, 2019

RESERVE — With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment, DRAGFLOW is a world player in solid pumping solutions for the continuous development of dredging, mining and industrial sectors.
DSC, located in Reserve, is a global leader in the dredge manufacturing industry, known for engineering superior customized dredging solutions and exceeding customer expectations. DSC specializes in customizing dredging equipment to meet the exact requirements of its clients’ unique applications.

The two companies are joining forces to deliver expanded product reach and fill the gaps in each other’s portfolios.

A partnership agreement was first discussed in 2018 and led to both companies identifying great benefits through shared manufacturing efforts to support each other’s products closer to the home of dredging equipment end users.

DSC President and CEO Bob Wetta said there is no overlap in the two companies’ product lines.

“…This partnership will allow DSC to offer high quality dredging equipment to our customers that we didn’t have available from our current product lines,” Wetta said. “Being able to cooperate in the manufacturing of DRAGFLOW equipment will help reduce some of the transportation costs in providing competitively priced high-quality dredging equipment.”

William J. “Bill” Wetta, senior vice president and chief technology officer, visited DRAGFLOW headquarters in Verona, Italy, in April to tour the Engineering Department, assembly process area, testing sites and manufacturing sites.

“During my visit to DRAGFLOW, I was impressed by the business and technical knowledge of the Masotti family and their modern manufacturing facility,” Bill Wetta said. “I believe our companies’ products and philosophies complement each other, and I look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial business venture.”

DRAGFLOW founder Maurizio Masotti said the partnership will create the strength needed to offer customers “the world’s widest dredging solutions portfolio.”

“With a consolidated presence in the US and Europe, DSC and DRAGFLOW will represent an important reference point in the dredging and mining market,” Masotti said. “From the operational point of view, the possibility of mutually utilizing the respective headquarters will be a great advantage to better serve our customers, which often require products with very fast delivery times.”

Masotti said the partnership would benefit after-sales service for prompt assistance.

“In fact, more and more often the role of those who produce such complex equipment does not end with the sale,” Masotti said. “Our advice to the client goes from the design phase to the predictive maintenance phase.”

By joining forces, DSC and DRAGFLOW will offer the widest range of dredgers on the market. Collectively the companies will meet the needs of clientele particularly attentive to quality and performance.

The two companies, known for the tenacity and reliability of their dredgers, are sharing not only their knowledge, but also their production bases.

Both manufacturers are highly regarded for their R&D team and for their commitment to fulfill customers’ needs, creating customized dredging solutions.

DSC and DRAGFLOW are in complete alignment based on their business models, culture and commitment to the dredging industry. Significant similarities of both companies are:  family owned businesses, regard engineering as a core value, problem solvers, high quality, believe in partnering with their clients, highly regard relationships, believe in strong after the sale support and have an open-minded culture.

“We like to think of ourselves as solutionists here at DSC and I have found that DRAGFLOW applies the same type of thinking,” Bob Wetta said.

DSC Dredge, locally based at 156 Airport Road in Reserve, helps customers make “THE RIGHT CHOICE” based on quality, innovation, service, commitment and customization, according to company leaders.

DSC Dredge also operates manufacturing facilities in Poplarville, MS, and Greenbush, MI.  For more information about the company and its products, services and customized solutions, visit dscdredge.com and follow DSC Dredge on social media.