Eagle Scout Jose Folgar takes on, excels at new challenges

Published 12:18 am Saturday, June 1, 2019

RESERVE — Jose Folgar of LaPlace has always been ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to setting and achieving ambitious goals.

Folgar strapped on a Boy Scouts uniform for the first time his freshman year and announced intentions to advance to the highest rank of Eagle Scout before his 18th birthday.

Having just completed his junior year at East St. John High, Folgar can proudly say he’s achieved that goal with time to spare.

Roughly four percent of Boy Scouts earn Eagle, and Troop 406 assistant leader Chuck Watkins said self-motivation is a must to complete the countless hours of prep work required.

“Making Eagle at all is pretty rare, but when you come in that late, you’ve got a pretty short frame of time,” Watkins said. “Jose took it full force and did all the extra work he had to do to get it done in time.”

Watkins said Folgar went above and beyond to quickly move through the ranks of scout, tenderfoot, second class, first class, star and life.

“He’s going to go to camp this summer in conjunction with traveling to see colleges,” Watkins said. “He took something that was already difficult and made it even quicker. He’s always got a smile on his face and a drive to make everyone around him as successful as they can be.”

Folgar was driving past First Baptist Church of LaPlace one evening when he looked out the window and knew what his all-important Eagle service project would be.

Jose Folgar

“The chain link fence out there was really rusty and broken down, so we took it down and put up an entirely new one,” Folgar said. “We added three gates — two in the back and one in the front — so they can get in and out with a lawn mower. I go to church there, and I wanted to give back to them in some way.”

Folgar started planning the project in August and installed the pristine new fence in December with help from fellow Troop 406 members. After the job was done, he completed the necessary paperwork to move to Eagle Scout in early 2019.

To Folgar, being an Eagle Scout means being a good leader, being a good role model to younger kids and knowing he can accomplish major projects with focus and attention.

All of his Boy Scouts efforts were in addition to a strenuous junior year. However, Folgar has never run away from a challenge.

“I’ve been testing my limits,” Folgar said. “Everybody is taking 4-by-4 blocks; eight classes throughout the year. I think I’ve taken thirteen.”

Taking five extra courses meant Folgar had to extend his schedule to online classes after school hours. He earned four technological certifications this year, including two in Javascript computer programming and two in Microsoft Excel.

Folgar, a member of Beta Club and National English Honor Society, passed four dual enrollment classes in preparation to attend a four-year university.

While he isn’t yet sure of his destination, he expects to study computer engineering.

Jose Folgar is seen with Boy Scouts Troop 406.

“I like computers, and I think it’s a good mix of electrical engineering and computer science,” Folgar said.

Folgar hasn’t limited himself to academics; He’s the co-MVP of East St. John’s cross country team, a soccer player and a track athlete.

Math teacher Keanna Theriot said Folgar’s personable nature comes from his mother, Silvia Folgar Perez.

“She’s always encouraging the teachers because they help him to succeed, and he just has the personality of his mom,” Theriot said. “He’s humble. He’s goofy. He always wants to make you laugh. He wants to go above, excel and be somebody great.”

Folgar’s next goal is to raise his ACT score, which currently sits at a 31.