Keller: SCC championship coach Wayne Stein wins with special character

Published 12:21 am Saturday, May 18, 2019

Congratulations are in order for the St. Charles Comets State Champion Baseball team and coach Wayne Stein and his staff!

The road to the championship was not easy. They defeated third-seeded Teurling Catholic after losing the first game and winning the next two games by one run.

Next, they faced the second-seeded St. Thomas Moore and defeated them 5 – 2.

The championship game was against University High of Baton Rouge, which was the No. l-seeded team and beat them 7 – 4.

The Comets, the No. 6 seeded team, were the underdogs in each game.

Coach Stein credits the team for the win, because of their attitude and said all were unselfish and played as a team.

I certainly agree with him, but some credit has to go to the coach who molded them into a team with a mission. Coach Wayne possesses a character, which not many coaches have. He is humble, hard-working and fair.

He treats the players with respect and encouragement, and they know he cares about each one.

I’ve known Wayne since he was a young man and followed his high school days at St. Charles High and later at ULL.

I consider him a friend, talk to him occasionally and keep up with his family. I’m not sure what his spiritual walk is, but I have no doubt that his actions are a witness in the community and are pleasing to God.

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