Thibodaux Regional plays key role in mass casualty drill

Published 12:02 am Saturday, April 27, 2019

THIBODAUX — Thibodaux Regional Medical Center is committed to the safety of its patients and the region.

The hospital has worked to improve its emergency preparedness with detailed planning and continuous training through leading and participating in both internal and external disaster drills.

Most recently, Thibodaux Regional participated in another regional full scale drill involving mass casualties on April 16. The drill was held in association with the Louisiana Department of Health Region 3, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness Region 3, first responders and other local and regional organizations.

The large scale event originated in Terrebonne Parish.

Mock victims were transported to local hospitals including Thibodaux Regional Medical Center.

The purpose of the exercise was to evaluate the readiness of key local and regional agencies, as well as hospitals for response and emergency operations, protection of responder’s safety, and coordination of care and resources.

“Thibodaux Regional has a detailed emergency preparedness plan that is activated during disasters,” Thibodaux Regional CEO Greg Stock said.

“Hospital staff are well prepared and ready to act when an emergency situation arises and work to safeguard the safety of patients, visitors and staff.

“As a leader, we work together with other agencies and eagerly participate in drills such as these to continuously seek opportunities to improve.

“These activities also help to enhance the working relationship and collaboration between the agencies and organizations involved.”