Keller: Blessings too often come before complaints

Published 12:01 am Saturday, April 13, 2019

This week, we’ve enjoyed a few really nice days with sunshine and comfortable temperatures, without the threat of thunderstorms.

Early Wednesday morning, as I was driving facing the sun, I thanked God for such a beautiful day. I thought if all the days were like this, being human, we would probably start complaining after a while.

Looking back at the ugly rainy days only a few days ago, I compared what was then and what is now and was more grateful for the beautiful day Wednesday.

My thoughts then brought me back to what my good friend, Billy Broussard, recently told me.

He shared that a few years ago he had a job which demanded working 12-hour days for weeks at a time.

He would often visit his good friend who, because of an accident, was confined to a wheelchair for many years.

During his visits with his physically disabled friend, at times, he would complain about having to work so many days without any off time.

Continuously complaining to his friend about his job and its demands of him, one day his friend said, “Billy, if I could get out of this wheelchair, I would gladly work 24-hour days if I had the strength.”

That story reminds me of myself. Sometimes the people who complain the most are those who have been blessed the most.

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