St. John Parish arrests report: 4/9 – 4/11

Published 12:00 pm Friday, April 12, 2019


Stephanie Parsons, 49, 142 James Drive, Gulfport, money laundering; transaction involving proceeds of criminal act (felony), computer fraud (felony), theft by embezzlement (felony), false accounting

Norma J. Bardell, 72, 183 South Church Street, Garyville, obstruction of justice (felony)

Ken Antoine Bardell, 37, 183 S. Church St., Garyville, possession of firearm/carry concealed weapon by convicted felon (felony), fugitive warrant for Kenner Police Department

Burton Schexnayder III, 36, 33085 Pitcher Road, Springfield, contempt of court – felony

Tremain Lamar Kendrick, 34, 150 East 22nd Street, Reserve, contempt of court – misdemeanor

Lyric Lajaun Labranch, 23, 1601 Natchez Lane, LaPlace, contempt of court (misdemeanor) – two counts

Nyalasha Brown, 19, 364 Historic Main Street, Garyville, aggravated battery (felony)

Breonna Lashae Dunn, 22, 2104 Carmel Valley Drive, LaPlace, contempt of court – misdemeanor

Elijah D. Powell, 23, 1612 Newport Place B, Kenner, hold for other agency for St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office

Bradley Covel, 26, 507 Dell Street, St. Rose, fugitive warrant for Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office


Thomas V. Gaspard, 35, 68 Shearwater Drive, LaPlace, contempt of court – (misdemeanor) – three counts

Rondell M. Anderson, 34, 458 Elm Street, LaPlace, contempt of court – misdemeanor, fugitive warrant for Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, fugitive warrant for Kenner Police Department

Trevon Isaac Knight, 23, 216 Marquez Street, Mt. Airy, domestic abuse battery (misdemeanor), resisting an officer (misdemeanor), simple assault (misdemeanor), contempt of court – misdemeanor

Ivan Ivanov, 39, 7816 Cohn Street, New Orleans, careless operation, D.W.I. – 1st offense (misdemeanor)

Howard Sullivan, 64, 153 Stout Street, Garyville, contempt of court – felony

Fiebaka Derefaka, 21, 1300 Cambridge Drive, LaPlace, contempt of court – misdemeanor

John Smith, 61, 1817 Meeker Loop, LaPlace, fugitive warrant for Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office

Maalik Jackson, 23, 2502 North Sugar Ridge Drive, LaPlace, possession of marijuana 1st offense (misdemeanor)

Alton Joseph Henderson, 40, 217 Joe Parquet Circle, LaPlace, possession of a schedule II CDS, conspiracy to bring contraband in a penal institution, obstruction of justice (felony)

Donald Ray Brown Jr., 38, 2917 Cambridge Drive, LaPlace, driver must be licensed, possession of a schedule II CDS

Christopher Honore, 47, 2532 English Colony Drive, LaPlace, simple battery (misdemeanor)


Adria Alicia Doss, 48, 5101 Wildwood Drive, Sorrento, simple battery (misdemeanor)

Kyndal Bennett Mckinney, 31, 31868 Hwy. 43, Albany, fugitive warrant for Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office

James Anthony Williams III, 30, 191 East 30th Street, Reserve, violation of protective orders (misdemeanor), theft of a motor vehicle (felony)

Khiry Antwuan Noel, 28, 2020 Carmel Valley Drive, LaPlace, contempt of court – misdemeanor (three counts)

Dion Layne Treadway, 51, contempt of court (misdemeanor) – two counts

Jason Joseph Keller Jr., 36, 1408 Van Arpel Drive, LaPlace, contempt of court – felony

Keimond Dunn, 30, 281 Sherman Walker Street, Garyville, violation of probation/parole, contempt of court – felony

Kevin M. Mason, 29, 4520 Williams Blvd., Apt. D128, Kenner, driver must be licensed, stop signs and yield signs, child support warrant (two counts)

Leroy Vicknair, 50, 7 Kerney Court, LaPlace, first degree rape